Monday, December 27, 2010

Hey, At least I thought about Quilts!

Yep, over the last couple of days, thinking is all I was able to accomplish when it comes to quilts. However, we had a lovely, very Merry Christmastime with friends and family. Now, we are home for one night and then we leave for our respective mothers' in Alabama. Thing is, tomorrow, the 28th, is our wedding anniversary. Not exactly the way I had hoped to be spending it. It continues to amaze me what we do for family. Not complaining, just thinking, again. However, I will admit that thinking can be dangerous so I am not going any further with this.

Did I mention that my sweet husband, a.k.a., computer whiz, has my website all pretty and with an actual working shopping cart???? I have been after him for three years to do this and, bless his heart, he finally got it done. It was a tremendous amount of time and work, but, it is done. Please take a peek ( ) and let me know if you like it, if you have suggestions, whatever. The funny thing was that we put in a "fake" order to test it out and before we finished, there was a real order placed. Talk about confused. It took us several minutes to realize, "Oops, that is a real, bonified shopping cart order." Of course, right off was a mistake. She was charged triple for her shipping. So, now, I also know how to give a credit.

In case I do not get a chance to say this, again, before the weekend, be sure to have a very


Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Quilters

Today, we are heading out to San Antonio so we can spend Christmas with our son, Chris, and his new wife, Kathy. They have called nearly every day for the last few weeks to remind us to bring our stockings. Me thinks that what they really want is for us to bring the stocking I knitted for Kathy last year. I am delighted to say that she loves it. It is made by using strips of fabric as your yarn. I thought it was so cute when I saw the pattern at a quilt show. Now I would love to make more but I'll be darned if I can find where I put that pattern. My organization skills are showing, again. I am seriously considering changing my middle name. Heck, let 's not dink around; I am changing my first name. From now on I answer to "Chaos."

Merry Christmas to all of you lovely folks out there in the World of Chaos,(previously known as Dianne). Thank you for not only checking in on my musings over the last 12 months, but for supporting me with your time, thoughts, emails, purchases, ....everything. It is a gift that I am lucky enough to get all year long. I hope your Christmas is everything you would wish for.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not Quilting

I am sooo not quilting. I am playing with my new computer. This could be dangerous. The screen is a touch screen and the monitor has face recognition. I just love it. I feel like I am on CSI. WAY cool.

My husband gave this to me for our anniversary. Of course, our anniversary is not until the 28th of this month but he just could not wait. Actually, he ordered only a new monitor at first. It proved to be too cumbersome to have the laptop with its monitor up (so it was possible to use the keyboard if you were emotionally attached to that idea and not open to the modern age of touch screen or totally computer savy like I -----HA HA HA HA. Right, like that computer savy deal describes Dianne, NOT) and also have the new monitor behind it. So, in keeping with my emotional-attachment-to-a-keyboard thingie, it just did not work very well with two monitors sitting on my desk. Generous gal that I am, I gave the monitor to him. Great idea, don't you think? I am totally confident he likes his anniversary gift, um, from me.

Now, he could not leave well enought alone, so, he ordered an entire new computer. This one is actually waaaay more cool than the one "I picked" for him, heh heh. This has all the computer stuff in the monitor, itself. No huge tower under the desk. Nada. Love it love it. The only bad part is installing all the stuff from the other computer. That kind of puts a kink in my play time. Tom, Honey. Please wake up and get this puppy all installed and ready for me, pleeeeeeze? Silly boy. He keeps insisting he needs more than three hours of sleep?!?!?!?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Not Just the Same ol' Fabrics

"Not just the same ol' fabrics." It is feedback like that from you guys that brings joy to my heart and happy tears to my eyes. Since I apparently am getting through to some of you with my follow-up comments but not to others, please assume that I got the comment, and am smiling. If you reaaaaaaally want to get a feedback, just email me ( ) and I will respond, promise. If your comment is not so nice, why don't you keep it a secret because, remember, I am the "Queen of So Not Keeping Secrets," so, fair warning, I tell....everyone.

I don't know why, but, posting the fabric images has been the kick in the bootie that I needed to inspire me to write on my Thread. Prior to this, I often thought, "Sigh. I don't really have anything to offer today except being a sleep aide." Sharing the fabric has been a major ego trip and as I mentioned before, I have little integrity in that department. Big fish, small pond, no problemo for Dianne !!!

As you can see, no new designs here, just fun playing with different colors. New line coming so-o-o-o-o-o-n.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hello out there my Quilt friends

Hello-o-o-o-o into that big internet world. I have a question. Are my "comments" in response to your comments getting to you? I am so not computer savvy and cannot find where the responses go. Duh.

How about another image to make up for my duh-ness.

I might have posted the stripe, already as that "lucky" one was actually one of the "worthies." I was so pleased with myself on that one that I figured it needed a second look, heh heh. (My shoulder was sore from patting myself on the back)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Quilting Friends

I am often reminded of the saying, "Some people come into our lives and quickly go, others come and leave footprints on our hearts." Many of the folks leaving imprints on my heart these days are from the quilting world. Today, one in particular comes to mind, Connie James , the Fiber Goddess. What a complete delight she is. One of the things I really love? She makes me feel good about "me." How is that for selfish? But, truthfully, I think that's what makes a lovely friend, one that adds to your life, supports you at every step, leaves you smiling, energized and looking forward to the next time you meet. Well, girlfriend, you meet those criterion and exceed it. My wish is that I make her feel the same way about herself.

I do feel that I slight some of you in that regard. Several wonderful folks out there actually take the time to write comments and lend support and kind words. How do I thank you guys, be a better friend? I have yet to figure that out but if you could feel my giddy heart when I am touched by you, you would know what your lives add to mine and how appreciative I am. My dilemma? how to reciprocate. Sigh.

Time for some new images....

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hi Quilters

Welcome to my day, to my world. Hmmm. What could I talk about today? Fabrics? YESSSSS. I seem to recall having promised more Awestrich fabs. Pun intended, heh heh. Hope you enjoy.

What I am enjoying today, more than anything, is the fact that it is Saturday and that means my sweetheart is home. Think I am gonna go play with him some more. In fact, I might be having too much fun playing with him to add to this blog any more this weekend.....we will see.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Awestrich? What does that have to do with Quilting?

Prepare yourself to be overwhelmed. At least that is my plan.....

O.K., here is the design for another center panel that was hoping to be the beginning of a quilt. Whatchathink? I was told that no one had done an ostrich before so it would not be considered for fabric. Hmmmm. Wouldn't that be a good reason TO print it? Oh well. I keep asking myself, "What do I know?" This line is called "Awestrich" I will be publishing more of these unworthy designs in the next few days.

I went to a lovely gathering of sewers, tonight, hosted in the lovely home of Ron and Louise Adams. The food was plentiful and delicious, the ladies beautiful, talented, and sweet. Merry Christmas to all and thanks to those of you who give me such great support.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Quilting Dreams Continue

Hmmm. If I post on my blog more than once a day does that make up for nada for a week??? I must say that I have worked on this theory before and find I have to work on that premise more often that I would like. In fact, I am working on last month where I went weeks w/o a word, heh heh.

I thought I would finish up the Pieceful Picnic designs and move on to other lines. Like I mentioned, my butt is apparently glued to the seat and my fingers seem to work best when attached to a mouse. Luckily I have such a cute mousepad to work with (shameless hint). Anyway, you can see that I finally posted the image I described earlier, the red w/gold apples, then the bananas have hearts from the strawberries added in the background, and the others are simply color variations of the main fabric. Now, next, Awestrich.....let's see how long I go before opening up that basket of tricks.

Dreaming of Being a Quilt

I was, indeed, having the most lovely dream. Of course, quilts and my fabrics were part of that dream. Then, someone woke me up right in the middle of that dream and reality struck. I actually have proof of my dreams....These are some of the "to-go-withs.." that are not as exciting as the focus fabrics, but, they are the supporting characters. More to come... OH OH OH. I just discovered something neat. Did you already know that if you click on the images that they enlarge ?!?!?! That is too cool. Please, if you have not already done so, go back and enlarge the stripe from the earlier blog. It was one of my faves. Again, thanks for checking in and joining me on my downward slide from fame and...well, there was no fortune. And, of course, I did not have far to go so you don't need to call 911 . Sniffle, sniffle.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More Quilt Fabric Wanabeeeees

O.k., these are more designs for the Pieceful Picnic line. As I write this I have no idea which one will be on top, second, etc. so please bear with me. The apples are what I consider, "solids" and there are three of them. The first and second are here in gold with red apples and the other, red with gold apples. I will post the third later. The other image is called Melon Balls and the fourth, "the Uninvited Guests." Publishing these images on the blog is actually liberating!
Thanks to all of you for your great comments and for your support at every level. In spite of my disappointment, I spent the entire day working on more designs. It really is addictive. I am beginning to think I have an addictive behavior, anyway, at least where any type of art is concerned. Did I mention that I was one of the oldest living grad students? I only received my MFA a few years ago. It did not really change anything, financially, it was just for for me, personally, in my own little part of the world. As the saying goes, "I know I am in my own world, but, it is O.K. They know me here."

Quilt Fabric Wannabes

The first image is part of the quilt design that I was hoping to make. It is a panel then the green polka dot and the black stripe are coordinating pieces that were also some of the "turn downs. " The cherries and the stripe are in that group, too. I will add most of the others in the days to come.

Maybe one of the reasons I do not typically
like blue is that it is associated with feeling
down. Well, right now my whole world
feels blue.

What do Quilters Want?

I guess I have no idea what anyone wants. I was so excited about my latest offerings to Timeless Treasures. I must have submitted at least 30 different designs and they do not like any of them. As soon as I peel myself off the floor, I will add more of the rejects to this blog for all to see and share in my humiliation. I am definitely humbled. beyond bummed out.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More Quilting Blogs?

I just noticed something. At the top of the page where I sign in to add a blog for the day is a box that says "Manage Blogs (1)." It dawned on me (hey, it is still dark outside) that I could have more than one blog. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. That is exactly what I need, another thing to add to my "To Do List." Christmas here I come; my list is growing and....oh, wait, wrong kind of list. Never mind.

Now, for some reason, I was reading over my last blog. I might have been just a bit unclear about the part where I did not get my husband to show me how to download images, then, there is an image right at the top of the blog. What I meant was I had difficulty getting my new fabrics posted. The image I have on the blog is actually a design that I have been working on that may never even get accepted. Just thought I would share what I was working on. Whew, I knew all of you were staying up, losing sleep, stressed over that confusion. Aren't you relived? That resolved, how about another design in that line. Enjoy.

Monday, December 13, 2010

O.K., so I am really lousy at this blog thingie. My intentions, great. My actions, not so great. I will say, again, my roads are well paved....

I have been attempting to work on my list. It has not gone well. One of those things was to get my husband to show me how to get my fabric images up. You can see how well that progressed. Another thing, I am hoping to make my husband's Christmas gifts. Still not happening. I am supposed to be completing several quilt projects. Ha. Oh, and that book thingie? Ha Ha Ha. What I have been doing is working on new fabric designs. I work on them as if new fabrics are introduced every week. Oh yes, I plan each and every day to get back to my walking routine---major HAHAHAHAHA. Do I wonder why my jeans are getting tighter? nope.

How about a sneak preview of some of my designs? I am soooooo bad at keeping secrets. If someone says, "Dianne, you cannot tell this to anyone...." I immediately say, "NO NO NO. Do not tell me if it has to be kept a secret." I was born with a genetic inability to keep secrets. My kids plug their ears when their birthdays are near. And Christmas? forget about it. My children never looked for their "hidden" gifts. Given the slightest provocation, they knew I would tell them the surprise. So, the story here is, "Don't tell Mom!!!!" hmmm. Wanna see an image of some fabrics that may or may not make it to the press? SH-h-h-h-h

Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Quilt Fabric

Believe it or not, I finally got one of the images of one of my fabrics to look halfway decent and a even managed to get it to the "publish" stage. Voila!!!!! Don't, however, count on the rest of the fabrics until the weekend. I am really not good at this....

Can computers get too full? At the very least I think mine needs an alka-seltzer...a really good burp would probably help. It takes forever for anything to work these days. Again, where-0-where is my hubby?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Where is the Quilt ANYTHING?

I am still meeting myself coming and going. My brother told me to hug myself the next time I met myself. If that is the case, I am going to get hugged---a lot.

I had promised you, as well as myself, that I would post images of my fabrics as they will now be printed. Wellll, that is going to be placed on hold since my photos were beyond awful. Where is that computer whiz of mine, a.k.a, husband, when I neeeed him? Oh yeah, at work in another state !! I guess I need to forgive him for the time being.

The reality is that my agenda for the weekend when he comes home is a long "Honey-Do" list. His agenda, "Wow, it is the weekend. I worked all week in Arkansas, then, drove three hours home on Friday night looking for some serious hanky-panky. Next, I am planning on sleeping in, then watching every sports event available on television." Guess whose list got done? My "Honey-Do" list just gets longer and longer with each weekend. At least one of us is smiling......O.K., so both of us are smiling. Does Lloyds of London insure body parts? I keep thinking of the saying, "Kisses are like real estate, location, location, location...."

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Buried Alive Under Quilt Fabric

Well, I am finally home. Unfortunately, I dumped the entire contents of my suitcase, at least the one with the fabrics in it, onto any available horizontal place in my sewing area. My daughter came into the room and said she could only see the whites of my eyes. Luckily, I have my cell phone to call for food and drink. What a way to go-o-o-o-o-o-o

Anyone want to see images of the actual fabrics that are heading to the printers? I need to photograph them but, considering the hour, I am heading to a horizontal place, myself.

Friday, November 26, 2010

A Quilters Nearly Perfect Day

I am still at the beach. My family, as least most of it, is here. The food is awesome. I slept well, and, next to my sweet husband. The only thing that could make this day more perfect is if I were quilting. I hope all of you who are lovely enough to be checking in on me and my musings, are equally blessed on this Thanksgiving weekend.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Quilter at the Beach

Here we are at our beach house for Thanksgiving. There must be something about the beach...I mean, I actually slept like a "normal" person last night, eight hours of bliss. Trouble is, that is about two days worth of sleeping for me on a "Dianne-normal" night so now, here it is nearly midnight and I am bouncing off the walls. If I were at home, I would be sewing or designing or doing anything other than sleeping. I am ready for action and the entire house is snoring....except me, of course. How many novels can I read? I knew I should have snuck in my sewing machine when no one was looking.

The neatest news is that Timeless Treasures sent my fabric samples. I am so excited. To think the selvage edge will, in the near future, read, "Timeless Treasures Fabrics, Inc, all rights reserved, 'Save Our Ship' by Dianne Springer.'" Karen Griska, get ready....quilters start your machines,...

Sunday, November 21, 2010


How about that second image? I suppose I deleted it in my fog of a mind. I have had so little sleep I am fluxuating between giddy and bitchy. Interestingly, I am not sure anyone is noticing a difference in my little world. Oh well, here is my gorgeous flower image:
Perhaps I am a true quilter because this reminds me of a
Dresden Plate block. Whatchathink?

Welcome the Globetrotting Quilters

Hi and welcome back to me and my world. This first image is the word "Welcome" in Balinese. I thought it was beautiful and appropriate. The other image is one of the beauties that I was able to see every morning when I woke up. These water lilies were all over the grounds of the hotel where we stayed in Bali. Most of our time was spent in Sanur at the Segara Village Hotel. I loved it there. Unfortunately, it turned out to be much more challenging than I had planned to send images and emails other than by my cell phone. I had actually bought a new very small computer to use. Alas, the cord did not fit any adaptor that we could find. So much for well laid plans....

I hope you will check in from time to time to see a few more memories of my trip. I am planning to go back in about two years and hope some of you can go with me. Anyone who is even vaguely interested should call so we can talk. Thanks for checking in. I am exhausted so this is going to be shorter than I had hoped. More later....

Monday, October 25, 2010

Lists Lists and more Lists

I am writing a new "To Do" list. Hm-m--m---m, next, I probably need to start making a list of my "To Do" lists....

Two days and counting. I feel like the mileage counter on the GPS, it only shows whole miles to your destination until it gets less than 10 miles away, then it counts in tenths of a mile. I am definitely into the Tenths Away mode, ohmygosh.Notimeforspacesbetweenwordsoranywhereelse.WishmeluckthatIcankeepfromstraying tooofarfrommyliiiiiist.DidImentionthatIamseriouslyADD?????????

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Quilt Market Speeding Forward

Help. I need to put brakes on the days that are speeding past me. I have waaaay too many things on my To Do List with waaaay too little time to do them in. To make matters more stressful, it seems we will have to leave for Houston a day earlier!!!

Today we spent the day working on shelves for our shipping boxes that keep falling all over the place any time we try to get some from the stack. Think that little chore was at the top of our "To Do" list??? HAHAHA, it was not even on the first ten pages of "the list." Oh well.

How about another fabric from the "Save Our Ship" line by Yours Truly?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Houston Quilt Market

Houston Quilt Market was the last thing on my mind last night. Hey, my sweet husband who works out of town came home and I love to make him feel missed and welcome. A smile on that man's face is what I live for and he is definitely smiling. Priorities, priorities, heh heh.

Back to Quilt Market. Still have not cleaned up the mess, in fact, it is worse. Am I surprised??? It does not help that my sewing machine is not cooperating. I took it in twice to the shop and both times it worked perfectly for the mechanic. And I thought I only had three "children." Sick, take them to the doctor, not sick.....and still a bill at the end of the visit.

On to more fun things. How about another image of my fabric line? Whatchathink? (anyone out there have any idea what a challenge uploading images is for me??!!!???)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sneak Peak #2 -- Future Quilts?

Well, for the last three days I have been trying to upload the second image of my fabrics. I watched the little circle thingie on my computer go around and around and around no avail. I will now try it for the fourth time. If this does not work, there will be no more trying until my husband gets here for the weekend. I hope the image is worth this, grrrrr.

Yippppeeeeeeeeeeeeee me. See whacha think.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Favric, Threads, Boxes, Quilts...

I entered the World of Disorder when I entered my sewing room, yesterday. GROSS. I see a clean-up day in my future. But, for today, think I'll go shopping, heh, heh.

Oh, I seem to recall that I said I would start showing images of fabrics that are supposed to be introduced this Spring. First, I freaked out that no fabric company would see them as potential fabrics. Overcame that hurdle. Now, I am in freak-out mode, again, worrying whether shops will purchase them, then, if purchased, will they sit on shelves???, ignored??????....gulp.

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Month of Quilt Shows

Best intentions....supposedly the world is paved with them. If that is true, then my own personal good intentions, alone, could pave the entire state of Louisiana. I mean, I had intended to not only report on our Quilt Shows and travels from Louisiana, to Alabama, to Florida, back to Alabama, on to Louisiana, then to Des Moines, then.....well, you get the idea, I was so confident I even included photographs in my "plan," in my intentions. Brainstorm!!! I just realized what went wrong -- I should have put on my "To Do" list, "Don't write anything the entire time you are gone." We all know how that goes, it immediately gets Done!%$#!!!

All of the shows went well, that means we enjoyed ourselves and spent more than we made. It would be such a shock to my system if I reversed that routine and actually managed to make a profit. My husband might even start to think that is better and even worse, expect it, gulp. I have thought about this a lot as I travel, set up booths, take them down, etc. and realized I love the whole process, some parts, of course, more than others. My favorite part is meeting everyone. Most folks are great. The exceptions can make mincemeat of a day, but, luckily those idiots are few and far between.

Do you like sneak previews? I am going to start posting images of my fabrics that are going to be introduced in the Spring. that considered an intention??? uhoh.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Quilter Who Never Sleeps

So much for the title that I have lived up to lo' these many years. I am so sleepy. I keep yawning. In fact, doctor's could do a study of my tonsils for a medical novel on just one yawwwwwwn. Not sure if it is my aging body that is changing or what, but, I am going to bed and it is not even 10 in the evening. Who cares? Nighty, night. Definitely wishing for no bed bugs.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Jacksonville Quilt Fest

What a delightful time! Not only was the place great, the folks hosting and attending the event were terrific, too. It did not hurt that we were staying at some friends' home and they were the best hosts EVER. Their home was gorgeous, their company fun and generous, but the delicious food, YUMMY. We have already made reservations to stay there next year, as well.

I know I made a promise, of sorts, to take some photos but you can see how that is progressing......We are back at the beach and I do have my priorities!!! I sat by the pool for a couple of hours and then went down to the beach which could not be more enticing. We had the beach almost entirely to ourselves, the water was as clear as could be, the sand white as snow, the temperature, at 78 degrees, wellll, you get it. I did not take photos. I have mixed feelings about leaving this bit of Heaven, but, if it means I get to see my gorgeous wonderful hubby, I am OUTTA HERE. Oh, did I mention the Grand Opening for a huge T.J. MAX is calling me??? Just might have to make a slight detour into a certain parking lot.....................

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sun and Sand

How great is that, continues. Yep, we are still at the beach. I keep thinking I am going to post a picture but, you can see how that has gone. Perhaps tomorrow? Oh yeah, tomorrow we head to Jacksonville. It will be challenging enough for me to even write, so let's don't expect miracles, ok? Right now, I figure I am best for bedtime reading material, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Belated Birthday Celebrations

Yummy, my sister decided to join us at the beach. Not only that, she surprised me by taking me to a birthday dinner. It was delightful. The food was good, the company, better. What a sweetie, and, she brought gifts. I have a collection, of sorts, of hand blown drinking glasses and she added to that with a great black and white one. I love it.

All-in-all, a pretty great day. Sun, sand, water, good food, great company, and GIFTS. How good is that? GREAT.

Beginning the Journey

(Still back in time, now it is Friday -- last Friday)

Oh my goodness. We actually got started on time. Well, I told my daughter and Gina they should get to my house by 8 a.m. They arrived before 10. That is exactly what I expected so, "on time." We were on our way by noon and everything was going least until we missed our exit. So, to make a long story short, one bad decision, one policeman, and one expensive "donation" to the Alabama police department later, we proceeded and arrived at our beach house, safe and sound. Show me the sun, the sand, the water......

On to the Quilt Show

I am going back in time, pretending it is Thursday. I am preparing for the trip. First, what to pack. This is such a chore for me. What size suitcase? How many days to prepare for? What will we be doing? What is the weather? etc etc... My sister-in-law believes that if you have anything left in the suitcase that was not worn, you packed too much. My sister believes if there is still room in the suitcase when you are packing, you should add something else. I am somewhere in between. Still, I never get used to it. It never gets easy. Deadlines are necessary so I am forced to DO IT.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Freakin' Out

EEEEK. I called my husband. "Look, we have something eating our house. Look at the residue on the step." There was definitely evidence of some type of insect enjoying room and board at our expense. I am freaking out!!

My husband's response? "Oh that. Honey don't worry. It is not termites, it is just carpenter ants. They only eat wood that is already rotted." And off he walks......

Now, I have been married to this incredibly sweet man for a very long time. He happens to have a Ph.D. He is generous and supportive, thoughtful and amazing. However, if you think for one moment I did not want to shake him til evidence of a brain cell fell out, you are DREAMING. I mean, don't worry, it's only ants eating only the rotten part of the house????
EEEEEEEEEEEEK, and EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK and EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK, again. I am not normally a drinking woman, but I believe this deserves a nice big margarita......see ya.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to one Quilter

I have to be quick. I want to add to my blog while I am still young...tomorrow is my birthday and I will officially be OLD. Think I am gonna go quilt and avoid mirrors and old thoughts. I guess that means I should start a "new" quilt instead of working on an old on that I have already begun? I can do that.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Moment of Reflection

Today is a day that is difficult to forget...I imagine, like I, each person remembers exactly what they were doing when they found out about the bombing of the World Trade Center. I was at school, teaching. The next thing I knew was that the entire school was watching a television, somewhere. Such incredible sadness, such heroism. Whatever that maniac was trying to accomplish, he, for a short while was very successful. We were terrified, heartbroken, and fearful. Luckily, we seem to have recovered and hopefully, learned something. The thing that has probably stuck with me the most is to stop worrying about the small stuff, live each day to the fullest, and tell EVERYONE you love that you love them, a lot, and often.

Rhode Island Quilter

Wow, I just got an order from a quilter in Rhode Island. I had never met anyone who actually lived in Rhode Island; I just thought perhaps someone decided to create another little state so the US of A would have "bragging rights" so they could now say we had 50 states. I mean, 48??? 49??? 50 sounds waaaay mo' betta.

Welcome to my little part of the world, my little R.I. quilter. You just made my own world a little bigger, brighter, and funner.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Fabric Designs

Yippee. I was just notified that Timeless Treasures has decided to "experiment" with me and try some of my fabric designs. I am now, "officially," a designer. They bought six different designs. Please say a little prayer that these sell so I do not look like one BIG MISTAKE for them. It would be soooo embarrassing for my designs to be sitting on a shelf, lonely, unpurchased, all alone. I would definitely cry. I am beyond excited, beyond nervous.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Chris

I cannot let the day go by without letting the world know that this is the day that brings a huge smile to my face. I love this day, every year. It is the day of our son, Chris,' arrival onto this earth and into my arms. I call him my "Birthday Present" because he arrived just six days before my own birthday. It also is evidence that my husband does have the ability to plan ahead with gifts since this is one of the few times he had my present ready before "the" day.

The Happiest of Birthday's my dear, sweet Chris

Quilting on Hold, again....

I don't know how the rest of the world was spending their Labor Day, but I did something I have never done before, I, and my family, went to a Barrel Race. This was so fun and such a different way to spend the day. The force for my wanting to attend is my hairdresser/friend, Martha, who re-kindled her passion for Barrel Racing in her 50's. I not only love her, I admire her. She has actually won some $$$$ doing this. Go Martha!!!
Did I mention there are vendors selling realllllly cool belts, boots, and jeans?? I can see more Barrel Racing in my future, heh heh.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Forget Quilts

At this moment, I am not going to talk about quilting. I was reading over my last blog addition and it made me think about weddings, obviously, duh. Anyway, I decided I am going on a campaign to find someone wonderful for my daughter. Anyone know of a great guy who would love to have a lovely, attractive, intelligent, hard-working, creative, giving, educated, kind-hearted gal who also happens to give the best head rubs and back massages? She is 42, never been married, wears a size 8, is 5' 10" tall....hmmmm, what else? Oh, as soon as I can snap a shot of her w/o her realizing why, I will add that to my information. Marriage is my goal, others need not apply. So, if you quilters out there can help me/her, let me know. This should be fun....

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Still Quilting

What do I mean, "Still??" I should have said, "Finally, quilting." I have been so busy, so gone, so wedding-ed, that quilting has definitely taken a back seat. Oh, how about a couple of images of the wedding. One of the pictures is the location. There were lots and lots of candles to light the bride's path. Crystals were hanging from the trees. The couple was draped in the wedding quilt that I made for part of the ceremony but we were not allowed to take pictures during that time. The next image is of the Mother-of-the-groom (ME) wishing the couple good thoughts. Each of the attendees stepped up to give their blessings, too. All in all, a perfectly lovely, understated, but romantic wedding.

Now, to get back to the issues at hand -- quilting, designing, and creating. :-)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

No Quilting Today

Yawn. Stretch. Eat. Hey, I could make a movie, too. It would be at least as boring as the "Eat, Pray, Love" movie.

The day after (the wedding, or any other major event) always seem to leave one in a kind of fog.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Wedding Quilt

We are leaving momentarily for the "ranch" where the wedding is taking place. Crystals hang from the trees, candles are lit, the "circle" is defined, the wedding quilt is completed, .... let the vows begin. Have a long, lovely, happy life, my dear sweet Chris. I love you beyond my dreams of loving a son. You make me so proud. Thank you for bringing such a lovely young lady into our family. Welcome, Kathy.

Road Trip/ Guilt Trip

I always feel at least a twinge of Guilt when more than a day or two passes without my writing something on my daily (ha ha ha ha ha ha) blog. I will say that it would be challenging for me, at best, to drive and type at the same time.....

When one discusses a Road Trip, there is now an image of my daughter and me attached. We have been driving, somewhere, since last Sunday. Actually the journey began the week before since it does take a two-and-a-half-day road trip for us to actually get to Colorado. Perhaps someone remembers that we headed to Loveland, Colorado, for a quilt show last weekend. Well, we had a lovely time in a perfectly lovely place. Hey, I just figured out how folks arrived at the name of the town!!! Duh.

Anyway, in order to arrive home in time to re-pack and leave for Austin and the wedding, we had to immediately begin our drive home on the same day we broke down our booths. For some reason (??) we were so tired it took us until Wednesday to get home. Wait, forget the "get home" part, we had to continue driving thirty more miles, without stopping to even take the trailer off so I could do some very important errands. I needed a haircut, manicure, pedicure, and some new shoes. Like I said, VERY important. Anyway, we finally headed home around six in the evening. My husband, Tom, drove in almost simultaneously. Oh, my mother and her husband also arrived at about the same time, driving in from Alabama. Forget sleeping. There were clothes to wash, wedding gifts to wrap, suitcases to un-pack and re-pack, etc, etc, etc....Does it help that I thought about the blog?

Monday, August 16, 2010

So its a Blurry Quilt

Don't complain about the lousy image, Dianne. At least you finally took the picture. That's my story and I am stickin' to it !! Husbands. Where are they when you need them? Oh yeah, earning a living, heh heh. I love applique but I am done for a while after doing this baby. I am appliqued out. My favorite part about this quilt was the opportunity to use gobs of different stitches that are in the machine. Definitely expanded my horizons in the world of stitches. Now, will I ever use them, again?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Finally, Completed a Quilt

Of course, I waited to write this as I am heading out the door to the movie, Eat, Pray, Love. My plan is to return to Bali this fall and a lot of this movie was shot in places I have visited there. It will be fun to see the movie with that information under my belt. Oh, my husband is calling that it is time to go. I will have to wait to add the photograph of the quilt top I was working on. More later....

Monday, August 9, 2010

Selvedge Edge Cup

This cup I made is in honor of Karen Griska who started the slevedge edge quilting craze. She is great. However, this is also in honor of.....who can it be???? Oh yeah, duh, it says it right on the cup, Kaffe Fassett. MY IDOL. Isn' that fun?

Also, I photgrahped the quilt I am trying to complete. It has been sitting in my closet , unfinished, for several months. Since I had a realllly long "to do" list, I thought it appropriate that I do something so not on that list. Whatchathink?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Quilter's To-Do List

My "To Do" list is so long I am intimidated just at the thought of writing it all down. So, in keeping with my history, I seem to be looking at it as my "To Don't List, " again. I somehow got started working on something not on my list -- to finish, or at least attempt to finish, one of my unfinished projects. It is taking me waaaaay longer than I expected, but, isn't that why I put it aside in the first place? Perhaps if I just put it on my "To Do" list, I will be able to get something else done?

Friday, August 6, 2010

"Quiltmaker" features this Quiltmaker

Well, since I last logged in to this site, my husband was invited to interview for a job in another state, we drove to Arkansas and back, my sweet brother has had knee surgery, it looks like I will be decorating a wedding cake, I completed two quilts, worked on a gazillion crossword puzzles as we drove to the interview, and packaged 15 cases of our cup kit, walked eight miles, sewed on more quilts, etc. You might notice there was no mention of sleeeeep...

Did I mention that Quiltmaker magazine featured our Quilt in a Clipboard in their latest issue? What a nice surprise as we opened the colorful pages. Totally fun to get such great support from the quilting world. Hope you get lucky and read allll about us, heh heh.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Quilt - Wild Child

(4 miles -- for some reason the phrase, "blood, sweat, and tears," keeps running through my head. DUH. )

I hope I am getting some credit for multiple blogs in a day, heh heh, since I have not been very good about writing, ever.

Anyway, I thought you might get a kick out of my newest quilt, Wild Child. This is some of the fantastic fabric I bought from Alexander Henry's "stash." Think I'll make some kits from this baby....

Happy Quilters Arrive in Hollywood

On our way to Fame and Fortune? I can wish, can't I? O.K., so my "Wishing Star" has not even been sighted yet; it is fun to dream. At least the Happy part of my Title is true. Those huge smiles on our faces are due to several factors: first, we are just delighted to be in the presence of our cousin, Chris. (She is the one in the middle), second, we just got finished eating the best sushi, ever.

By the way, I am the one on the left, my daughter and best worker, Brandy, is the one on the right (another reason for me to be smiling)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Quilt in a Cup

Check out a clever customer's finished cups. Jealous? No need to be since you, too, can be clever. I have cups, clipboards, mouse pads, clocks, toilet paper holders, towel racks and rods, etc etc etc....Clever yourself into oblivion, heh heh.

Another Quilt Show in the Bag

Finally, we arrived home from the Long Beach Quilt Show. The absolute best part was getting to spend time with my cousins, Tim, and Chris, and her husband, Keith. The next best part??? We discovered that Alexander Henry's factory is less than a mile from their house. Wow, oh WOW. Gina and I were in fabric heaven. Now, the challenge, adding that stash to our already stuffed vehicle. No problem, we have a master packer in our presence....Gina can pack anything.

Wait, on the way home we passed another version of heaven--a huge Mexican ceramics/outdoor sculpture "garden." Michael reluctantly turned the car around, amazingly, and to his credit, with no audible complaints. Now the challenge became how to get three HUGE flower pots, metal birds, and rabbits, into the already stuffed trailer. Oh yeah, our personal packer demon stepped up to the challenge.

Our next challenge, preparing for the Loveland Quilt Show and then on to our son, Chris' wedding. I have a very long "to do" list. Hmmm, think I will go to a movie, heh heh.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our Own Road to California

We are now in Palm Springs, CA. Tomorrow we head to my cousin Chris' home where we will help her clean out her brother, Jon's home. Jon was my other cousin who died suddenly a couple of months ago. Chris, by the way, is the original reason I started walking for Breast Cancer since she was diagnosed while still in her thirties. She was given less than a 3% chance of survival. Happily, she is still with us eight years later. However, her immune system was pretty much destroyed by the treatments and so her health is always fragile. Because of that she cannot do a lot at one time. So, while it breaks my heart that we will be doing this task, I am thrilled to be able to help. From this point on, hopefully, I will get back to including pictures. It is so much more fun for me to add pictures.

I also would like to add that along with dear Gina (from Splinters and Threads) and her sweet husband, Michael, is another charmer traveling with us, Victoria. She is Gina's niece, and quite a character, especially for a 13 year old traveling with four adults. She is definitely holding her own and adding to our fun. Too bad she will not be joining us for the return trip as she is joining her dad for the summer. Teens like she, restores my faith in the future generation. You go, Victoria.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

On the Road to California

Finally, we are on the way to the Long Beach Quilt Show. Nothing quite like getting up at 5:30 in the morning, packing a trailer, and then driving from 9:30 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. Bleary-eyed is not even a good enough description. We, my daughter and I, were starting to babble. Hey, I even let her drive and I almost never let her drive. Long story....

Anyway, we are now up and beginning the second long day of driving. Hard to imagine by Monday night we will be snoozing in California. More later...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quilty Quilty Quilty

(4 miles)

Back from our trip to Houston. Brandy, my daughter, and I left Friday around 11:00 a.m. for Houston. It is a 6 hour trip. We arrived at 8:30, heh heh. Hey, is it our fault that several boutiques lured us into their shops??? Nope, not our fault. That is my story and I am stickin' to it. Our trip home -- we left at 11:00 a.m., again, and this time we got home at 11 p.m. All the places we resisted on the way to Houston....stronger pull on the way back, that is for sure. The silk I bought at one fabric shop was to LIVE for. Cannot wait to make it into something "quilty." The problem is I want to use stuff like that for everything. Hopefully, pictures will follow......

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where o where is the Quilt Panel ???

Another DUH. I tried to download a HUGE file and it gave up on me. I do seem to be learning something. Perhaps it is not the right "thing" but the learning curve has been even hugher that this image.

Quiltzany Awesome Ostrich

O.K., today I lost it. I am not really sure what "it" is, but, today, I definitely needed to have IT back. I was on my way to get a haircut, running late, of course. Is there any other way to run??? Anyway, my plan was to get my haircut, get a manicure, then head to Hannah's Quilt Shop to show her all of my new stuff. Stuff being everything from the new Wedding Quilt to my newest products, to my fabric designs, etc. etc. As I rush out to the car, I am talking to Lisa. Like a good girl, I am buckling my seat belt as I drive out of the garage, checking to see that I have my "stuff." Fabric designs? check. Cash? check. Cell phone?, cell phone? oops. I check my back pocket where I had so cleverly put it. not there. I checked all the other pockets. not there. Checked the floor of the car, the seats, no phone. I now am getting out of the car and am running around the house, in a panic, looking everywhere, talking to Lisa the entire time. DUH. Did you get that last sentence??? Talking on my CELL PHONE???? sigh. Perhaps that is one of the "its" that I needed? The other "its" that I needed today and did not have with me were the Wedding Quilt, the samples of my new products, AND my purse. Luckily, I had stuffed some cash in my pocket, next to the cell phone, heh heh, so my next concern was to not do anything else stupid enough to draw the highway patrolmen's attention. Heaven help me.

Sigh. I now hope you enjoy the panel I designed. I worked on it all day long yesterday, then just moments before its completion, I accidentally deleted it. In my panic I hit all the wrong buttons and finally decided to just start all over. Apparently I had learned quite a lot in the process of making the first one since the second took me less than half the time. Wheew. Let me know what you think. Um, did I mention that I cry easily....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Love the Non-Sewing Quilts

(10 miles)

O.K., one too many late nights. Going to bed at three a.m. for the last several days then getting up by 6 to do my practice walking has caught up with me. I am heading to bed.

I was reading some of my earlier blogs and realized I posted a picture of the raffle quilt instead of the rug that I had made and talked about. Hopefully, I am going to rectify that issue here. Let's see if I can post the picture all by myself?

These non-sewing items such as the rug, are so great. I just used one of my Clipboard kits to also make a non-sewing "quilt" for the clipboard that I talked about earlier. wow, I am delirious...............

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Quilts are my World

(4 miles)

Jeeez. I stupidly came into my sewing room before heading out to my walk. Dumb dumb dumb. That means getting a late start, it means HOT and HOTTER because I have a difficult time stopping what I am doing. I heard sweating is good. Well, I am VERY GOOD.

I am thrilled to say that Suzanne L., of California is the recipient of the "first to ask" quilt pattern. The pattern is called "The Scrap-O-Lator," and is designed to use up those pesky scraps. It has the added benefit of visually showing the history of your own collection. We will be introducing this pattern, along with our newest kits when we vend at the Long Beach show this month. Please check out our Quilt in a Towel Bar, Quilt in a Roll, and Quilt in a Rack, all designed to add sparkle and color to the bathroom. Are we having fun, or what???

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Wedding Quilt

(2 miles, hardly worth putting on the tennies)

Finally, I have a photo. Of course, this is only one of the 18 different hearts that I stitched into the quilt but I thought it would be better than trying to show the entire quilt. At that point, nothing would show. Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quilt is Finished, Free Pattern Offer

(9 miles)

The wedding quilt is done. I do have to make the label, but, other than that, it is a TA DA. Still no photo, I know, but I will work on that. It is 2:30 in the morning and I am falling asleep as I write.

I do have one bit of news -- our prototypes for our newest products are here!!! The first person to email me to ask what one of the items is, will get a free pattern. Good luck.

Friday, June 25, 2010

I really am Quilting, Honestly

(8 miles)

To say it is hot outside is putting it mildly. I, who do not normally perspire (sweat !!) actually have water dripping off my chin. My glasses do not stay on my nose which makes it nearly impossible to keep reading while I walk. At least I don't seem to have any worry about seeing snakes since the pavement would cook their little bellies.

The heat is conducive to getting inside projects, like quilting, done, that is for sure. I just completed the top of the Wedding Quilt last night. As soon as I get the top quilted, I will take a picture. Of course, since it is white on white, that could be the biggest challenge to date. I should probably hold off on that last statement until I have finished the quilting...gulp

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Just Quilting Away

4 miles

Guess what I should be doing as we speak? More walking. Well, that has to take a back seat to my blog. We all know how important that is to me, heh heh.

Talk about panic. I have spent the last week searching for the remainder of the silk that I need for my son's wedding quilt. Dumb me, I thought I could just go back to the original shop. They told me they had no idea when it would, or IF it would come in. Major GULP. Perseverance is not my middle name by accident, my friend. You guessed it. I found the fabric yesterday. Did I mention I found the cutest pair of shoes in the process?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Missing Quilted Rug Image

Oops. Obviously I did not get the rug image up and running. Maybe as soon as my "pro," aka, husband is back, we can take care of that. In the meantime, Happy Quilting.

Quilt on a Rug

(6 miles)

Jeeez. It always amazes me that I let more than a day go by without writing. It does not seem like I skipped a day. Perhaps it is because I skipped two days?? sigh...

Anyway, I thought you might enjoy this picture of the rug I made for the Rockland Corporation. They saw my rug in our booth at Spring Market and asked me to make one for them. This is the result. Hmmm. As I write this, it occurs to me that I might have already shown this to you. Now I am really getting concerned about my mind. Gulp. Oh well. Our "Quilt on a Rug" pattern has been popular beyond our wildest imagination so it might not hurt to repeat myself.

I have been up since 3:30 a.m. Just could not get the devastation of the Gulf out of my mind and heart. I have to keep busy so I won't cry all the time. So, I decided to get on the computer and create directions for my Pretty in Pink quilt. This is the one I made to raffle off for our fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research.