Saturday, April 3, 2010

Due to Quilt Shows

Due to the quilt shows that we are attending this month, our family is celebrating our Mother's birthday three weeks early. Here is a photo of our Birthday Girl celebrating her 91st birthday. We are delighted to be here with all of our family, at the beach house, walking on the beach, eating fabulous food cooked by the incredible family and friends that we consider to be family. Life can change in a moment but these moments are good and I am going to enjoy them. Happy Birthday, Mother. I love you.

Am I Quilting???? Not

Ha. I am at the BEACH. We just had lunch with the Easter Bunny at a restaurant called LuLu's. My family and I are all here helping our Mother celebrate 91 years of living large. Hey, this gal is still driving and getting speeding tickets. Hopefully, you are not trying to guess which of the folks in the photo is the 91 year old, gulp. I will include a picture of the Birthday Gal in the next day or so. In the meantime, keep on quilting for me since I forgot my power cord at HOME. Double DUH.