Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Emergency emergency

Emergency emergency. I just got invited to a baby shower being held in Baton Rouge this weekend. Does one actually think I can get away with buying a gift? Could not live with the guilt. So, I added this to my "to do" list and actually did it. As you can see, I added a border. Of course, I did not have that in the plan when I bought the fabric. No matter what I did, 12" of fabric just would not stretch into the 24" that I needed to complete the border. So I am off to the Fabric Shop for more fabric. Definitely better leave this off the list so I
will be sure to get it done??? Hey, even I am confused.

Sorry about the picture quality but I am doing this on my own since my husband is out of pocket. For
many reasons, I much prefer it when he is IN pocket....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jefferson Quilt Show

The Jefferson Quilt Show was delightful. Always is. The town is so charming, the folks equally so. If I were to do only one Quilt Show, it would be this one. Now I better go make another list so I can get busy avoiding it, as usual. Last time I was in avoidance mode was the night before I left for the Jefferson Show. I stayed up until 2 a.m. making a basket. I have now made three; wanna see?

Geez, if I make a long enough "to do" list I can get all of my Christmas gifts done by February, heh heh. Hey, I can put them under the tree that is still up, making me "ahead" on two things. Yea ME.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just time to say a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DEBBIE, a.k.a. "Lee," my sweet baby sister.. Your birthday present is wrapped and sitting under the Christmas tree which I have yet to take down. Perhaps I should leave it up and look really prepared for Christmas 2010???? That is probably the only time I would be "ahead" for the entire year, I predict....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Trailer Hauling Mama

Here she is! I am back in one piece, trailer still attached to the car. Of course, I only parked where
I could go forward. No reverse. No backing up....I was so nervous not only driving with a trailer but heading
North for Gosh sake. I mean, last week there were several feet of snow on the ground in Oklahoma City. The biggest scare that I had was when the vendor of the booth next to me came in on day two and announced that his trailer was gone -- stolen in the night. Also, another vendor had his car stolen. The police told us that on average, there were five trailers a day stolen in Oklahoma since they did not have to be registered. After that sleeping was not an option. It showed on the way home, believe me. I spent half my driving time running off the road. My determination to make it home in one day ended around five in the
evening. By six-thirty I was in a hotel, by six-thirty-one I was in la la land. Amazingly, I slept for 12 hours.
Now, I am back to my "list" of "to -do's", avoiding them, as usual. Guess I had better go see what else I can avoid. I am supposed to leave for another show in the morning so you can imagine my list.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

O.K., it is official. I am now a trailer-hauling-show-on-the-road gal, a real trailer hitch and everything. Who wouldathunkit? In fact, by Friday my new trailer will even have my name on it. I will take pictures. Right now I am running around like a chicken with my head off. I get very little done, but double it on the "Running around" part. I am a great list maker. The thing is, I seem to use the list for what I need to avoid doing. Like yesterday, I was still in the fabric designing mode. Not on the to do list. Then, in the middle of trying to pack for Oklahoma, what do I start??? cleaning out the closets. Yeah, like that was on my list !!! Oh well, Goodwill is gonna get a truckload of stuff and I won't even get to haul it in my new trailer because it is already being loaded with quilt stuff. If you see me whizzing by, be sure to wave.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Red Bra

Hmm. That will officially be the first time I used the new year in actual text. Cannot deny it now, it is here.
I began the New Year by doing what most of the world was doing --at least everyone for a hundred mile radius appeared to be doing, and that was -- returning Christmas gifts and shopping. Dillards always starts their 75% off sale on January 1. They are able to get rid of pretty much anything that even looks like it could have been related to Christmas. ANYthing red or green, ...tag it! (hey, I even bought a red bra, very Christmasey, don'tchathink?) It was a madhouse. I am always reminded of the "I Love Lucy" show where the shoppers are grabbing and fighting over items. Luckily it was not that bad, but it's close. I now have a good bit of my next Christmas' purchases all done as well as all of my Pokino gifts. I'm keeping the red bra, Ho Ho Ho.