Monday, September 27, 2010

Jacksonville Quilt Fest

What a delightful time! Not only was the place great, the folks hosting and attending the event were terrific, too. It did not hurt that we were staying at some friends' home and they were the best hosts EVER. Their home was gorgeous, their company fun and generous, but the delicious food, YUMMY. We have already made reservations to stay there next year, as well.

I know I made a promise, of sorts, to take some photos but you can see how that is progressing......We are back at the beach and I do have my priorities!!! I sat by the pool for a couple of hours and then went down to the beach which could not be more enticing. We had the beach almost entirely to ourselves, the water was as clear as could be, the sand white as snow, the temperature, at 78 degrees, wellll, you get it. I did not take photos. I have mixed feelings about leaving this bit of Heaven, but, if it means I get to see my gorgeous wonderful hubby, I am OUTTA HERE. Oh, did I mention the Grand Opening for a huge T.J. MAX is calling me??? Just might have to make a slight detour into a certain parking lot.....................

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