Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cotton Corner Quilt Show

As usual, I have a list....right at the top of the list is "preparing for the Cotton Corner Quilt Show in West Monroe, LA," held this weekend. If you have read any of my other Threads, you can probably predict where I am heading with this. As usual, I have been avoiding anything that even hoped to make it to my list. I have been working on more fabric designs and I just started another basket. Since I am a newbie to this version of blogging, I will have to check and see how to add images. My "image-maker, a.k.a, husband, just left this afternoon for New Orleans. Yikes, I am on my own, gulp.

As for the progress on my fabric designs, I just got my first rejection. I submitted my babies to Blank Quilting and they kindly told me, "Thanks, but no thanks." Today, I emailed them to Clothworks. How about I keep you up to date on my list of rejectors/rejections. I expect the list will grow like Jack's beanstalk....very quickly. I definitely gotta get some big girl panties because I am going to need them -- rejection brings out my inner child for all to see.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just another beautiful old day...

The title of this blog relates to a quote from a five year old. I just loved it. Today is truly a beautiful day. Anyway, I am so excited about doing this Thread "blog" style. I am Totally New to this so please bear with me. Hey, I am pretty new to quilting and even newer to the "quilting business." I started my company, Dianne Springer Designs ( ) two years ago and the learning curve has been HUGE. Here, the curve grows and continues with this blog thingie.

This last weekend I forced myself to stop my quilt stuff so I could finally go down to Ocean Springs, Mississippi, and deliver my sister's Christmas gifts. It did occur to me that I could leave the tree up and the gifts under it and be all nice and ready for next year, heh heh. NOT. My sister would have killed me and I have unfinished quilts in the closet so that would definitely be a bad thing. Besides, I got to go see her - a gift to myself ! I took her to see "Avatar." It was my third time and I am wondering how many times it would take for me to tire of it. Wow Wow Wow. Creativity runs amok in this production. Do yourself a favor and go see it. This is going to be a trendsetter in the movie business.

By the way, changing subjects, anyone want to be a tester for my new quilt pattern? It is called "The Scrap-o-Lator." I will give you a free pattern and my undying gratitude. Impressed? Please call 318 247-9725 and let me know. Have a Grrreat week and do yourself a favor by checking out the

Monday, February 15, 2010

It was a super quick trip to Houston but worth every second. Not only did we get to claim our hugs from Chris and Kathy, but we met Kathy's best friend from childhood, Jackie, saw Stomp and ate Great Food. At the end of the Stomp performance, two members of the audience, one man and one woman, were brought on stage, presumably to dance and intereact with the performers. Instead, after a few seconds of jumping around, the guy got down on one knee and proposed. The crowd went wild. By the way, she said, "Yes."

My added benefit, I was able to complete my third hooked rug while my husband drove. I hate just sitting and doing nothing so I have these little projects that I save for keeping me occupied while riding. This rug has taken many trips. Now, to finish the fourth, and probably final, rug. After all this, will I actually be able to walk on them??? That remains to be seen.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hmm. It seems that this is becoming a "Weekly" instead of the daily editions that I had hoped for. Oh well, fewer opportunities to bore
folks, I suppose.

About my "To Do LIst," heh heh. Definitely avoiding it.
In fact, I am seriously considering changing the name
of that list to the "To Don't List." Here are some new
baskets that I have been working on. I ordered five
additional hanks of the cording needed for making
the baskets and I have already used up all five hanks.
Raise your hand if you think these were on the "Do" list.....

My husband, Tom, just called to say it has already
started to snow. This is a major event in the South.
The not too great part is that Tom, Brandy and I are
planning to head out, tomorrow, for Houston. Son,
Chris, and his girlfriend, Kathy, gave us tickets to
"Stomp." I already saw this group once, a long time
ago, and loved it. I hope they have added new stuff,
but, even if it is exactly the same, it will be entertaining,
for sure. Say a tiny prayer that the tickets were not
bought in vain and that we are able to drive in our
closed snow.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day. No worries about a shadow here unless that groundhog has electricity. Majorly dreary day.

Like most of you I am thinking FEBRUARY? Already? Gulp.

Oh well. Did I mention how incredible the setting for the baby shower was? The party was held in the penthouse suite of an apartment
building. The master bath was bigger than my bedroom. Heck, the bathrooms for the other bedrooms were almost bigger than my
bedroom. When something wonderful happens to me, I usually think, "Boy, wonder how the other half lives?" Well, now I see how they
live. To think I was thinking about the "other" other half. Silly me. I should make myself more clear, even when I am talking to
myself.....babbling, again.