Monday, December 13, 2010

O.K., so I am really lousy at this blog thingie. My intentions, great. My actions, not so great. I will say, again, my roads are well paved....

I have been attempting to work on my list. It has not gone well. One of those things was to get my husband to show me how to get my fabric images up. You can see how well that progressed. Another thing, I am hoping to make my husband's Christmas gifts. Still not happening. I am supposed to be completing several quilt projects. Ha. Oh, and that book thingie? Ha Ha Ha. What I have been doing is working on new fabric designs. I work on them as if new fabrics are introduced every week. Oh yes, I plan each and every day to get back to my walking routine---major HAHAHAHAHA. Do I wonder why my jeans are getting tighter? nope.

How about a sneak preview of some of my designs? I am soooooo bad at keeping secrets. If someone says, "Dianne, you cannot tell this to anyone...." I immediately say, "NO NO NO. Do not tell me if it has to be kept a secret." I was born with a genetic inability to keep secrets. My kids plug their ears when their birthdays are near. And Christmas? forget about it. My children never looked for their "hidden" gifts. Given the slightest provocation, they knew I would tell them the surprise. So, the story here is, "Don't tell Mom!!!!" hmmm. Wanna see an image of some fabrics that may or may not make it to the press? SH-h-h-h-h


  1. These are happy-making fabrics! I smile as soon as I see them. Will these be introduced at spring Market? I really can't wait to get my hands on these!!! Yum!!

  2. (Oh! and don't worry about that "list" thing .... I figure if we all did everything our good intentions had planned for us, the world would be perfect ... and probably pretty boring! It's much more fun to run out of time than to be bored, yes?)

  3. Thank you, Gale, for all of the sweet, thoughtful comments. Actually, I just submitted this "fruity" line of designs. I call the line, "Pieceful Picnic." It will be at least two weeks before I hear whether Timeless Treasures does the "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" thing. To confuse them even more, I just sent them a bazillion new images for yet another line. This is soooo addictive. Again, thanks for your patience,time, support, and probably more than anything, your perseverance.

  4. Oh my Oh my! How could TT ever turn them down??? they're just so happy-making! Please keep us posted on their fate! (re: your post for December 14 - I have 3 blogs! I don't get to them every day, but I have one for quilting, one for my political, etc commentary (it makes me feel better to vent here!!), and one for my challenges with weight. Blogs are something like sewing machines.... we need different ones for different reasons!!)
    I'm sending out positive karma to Timeless Treasures!!