Friday, October 15, 2010

A Month of Quilt Shows

Best intentions....supposedly the world is paved with them. If that is true, then my own personal good intentions, alone, could pave the entire state of Louisiana. I mean, I had intended to not only report on our Quilt Shows and travels from Louisiana, to Alabama, to Florida, back to Alabama, on to Louisiana, then to Des Moines, then.....well, you get the idea, I was so confident I even included photographs in my "plan," in my intentions. Brainstorm!!! I just realized what went wrong -- I should have put on my "To Do" list, "Don't write anything the entire time you are gone." We all know how that goes, it immediately gets Done!%$#!!!

All of the shows went well, that means we enjoyed ourselves and spent more than we made. It would be such a shock to my system if I reversed that routine and actually managed to make a profit. My husband might even start to think that is better and even worse, expect it, gulp. I have thought about this a lot as I travel, set up booths, take them down, etc. and realized I love the whole process, some parts, of course, more than others. My favorite part is meeting everyone. Most folks are great. The exceptions can make mincemeat of a day, but, luckily those idiots are few and far between.

Do you like sneak previews? I am going to start posting images of my fabrics that are going to be introduced in the Spring. that considered an intention??? uhoh.

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