Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More Quilting Blogs?

I just noticed something. At the top of the page where I sign in to add a blog for the day is a box that says "Manage Blogs (1)." It dawned on me (hey, it is still dark outside) that I could have more than one blog. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. That is exactly what I need, another thing to add to my "To Do List." Christmas here I come; my list is growing and....oh, wait, wrong kind of list. Never mind.

Now, for some reason, I was reading over my last blog. I might have been just a bit unclear about the part where I did not get my husband to show me how to download images, then, there is an image right at the top of the blog. What I meant was I had difficulty getting my new fabrics posted. The image I have on the blog is actually a design that I have been working on that may never even get accepted. Just thought I would share what I was working on. Whew, I knew all of you were staying up, losing sleep, stressed over that confusion. Aren't you relived? That resolved, how about another design in that line. Enjoy.

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