Saturday, August 28, 2010

Road Trip/ Guilt Trip

I always feel at least a twinge of Guilt when more than a day or two passes without my writing something on my daily (ha ha ha ha ha ha) blog. I will say that it would be challenging for me, at best, to drive and type at the same time.....

When one discusses a Road Trip, there is now an image of my daughter and me attached. We have been driving, somewhere, since last Sunday. Actually the journey began the week before since it does take a two-and-a-half-day road trip for us to actually get to Colorado. Perhaps someone remembers that we headed to Loveland, Colorado, for a quilt show last weekend. Well, we had a lovely time in a perfectly lovely place. Hey, I just figured out how folks arrived at the name of the town!!! Duh.

Anyway, in order to arrive home in time to re-pack and leave for Austin and the wedding, we had to immediately begin our drive home on the same day we broke down our booths. For some reason (??) we were so tired it took us until Wednesday to get home. Wait, forget the "get home" part, we had to continue driving thirty more miles, without stopping to even take the trailer off so I could do some very important errands. I needed a haircut, manicure, pedicure, and some new shoes. Like I said, VERY important. Anyway, we finally headed home around six in the evening. My husband, Tom, drove in almost simultaneously. Oh, my mother and her husband also arrived at about the same time, driving in from Alabama. Forget sleeping. There were clothes to wash, wedding gifts to wrap, suitcases to un-pack and re-pack, etc, etc, etc....Does it help that I thought about the blog?

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