Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another Quilt Show in the Bag

Finally, we arrived home from the Long Beach Quilt Show. The absolute best part was getting to spend time with my cousins, Tim, and Chris, and her husband, Keith. The next best part??? We discovered that Alexander Henry's factory is less than a mile from their house. Wow, oh WOW. Gina and I were in fabric heaven. Now, the challenge, adding that stash to our already stuffed vehicle. No problem, we have a master packer in our presence....Gina can pack anything.

Wait, on the way home we passed another version of heaven--a huge Mexican ceramics/outdoor sculpture "garden." Michael reluctantly turned the car around, amazingly, and to his credit, with no audible complaints. Now the challenge became how to get three HUGE flower pots, metal birds, and rabbits, into the already stuffed trailer. Oh yeah, our personal packer demon stepped up to the challenge.

Our next challenge, preparing for the Loveland Quilt Show and then on to our son, Chris' wedding. I have a very long "to do" list. Hmmm, think I will go to a movie, heh heh.

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