Friday, November 7, 2008

I am baa-a-a-k, but, to be honest, only for one day. I should begin with a simple,
"Hi, Dianne," because at this point I am sure that I am the one and only person who is even
reading this column.

Quilt Market and Quilt Festival were a blast. I love being able to meet some of the folks I have been
writing to and now be able to put a
real face to their type face. I almost got hoarse from talking from
morning until night, but, fear not, I have a very seasoned set of vocal cords. Folks tell me I even talk
in my sleep. Sometimes when my husband apologizes for not hearing something I said, I tell him
not to worry, I would not listen to everything I say, either.

And that "not being able to pee" thingie that I worried about before Market was not a problem for
two reasons. (1) I did not have time to eat or drink, anyway, so since there was nothing going in
there was nothing coming out, and (2) a delightful gal that I met last year at Market, Gina, offered
to come sit in my booth. Meeting folks like she, is what makes life worth living. What a doll.
Aristotle, you rock!

Gina was also, along with her delightful mom, my scavenger com padre. You would not believe the
stuff that exhibitors were leaving behind after Market. We scored, big time, with gorgeous plants,
shelving, a table, etc. An artist friend of mine is known for saying, "You have what you need." In this
case, these other folks had what I needed. My booth looked waaay better with all my newly
acquired goodies, heh heh.

Wanna know something else that happened? Both Kaffe Fassett and Ricky Tims came to my booth
to talk to me. Kaffe said he loved my clocks. (Should I mention they had his fabrics in them?,
heh heh) and Ricky came to say how much he enjoyed my products, in general, and thanked
for being a part of their show. Have either of these guys any idea how totally awesome that was
for me?????? I wonder, also, if either of them realized how close they came to being hugged and
kissed? The awestruck stupor I was in prevented that from happening, much to their delight, I
feel sure.

That stupor will most likely be topped by the Major Stupor I will be experiencing this Sunday. I
mentioned at the beginning of today's Thread that I would be back for "only one day." That is
because this is THE weekend. THE WALK. 60 miles. I leave in two hours for Dallas. Please keep
my feet in your prayers......