Thursday, December 16, 2010

Quilting Dreams Continue

Hmmm. If I post on my blog more than once a day does that make up for nada for a week??? I must say that I have worked on this theory before and find I have to work on that premise more often that I would like. In fact, I am working on last month where I went weeks w/o a word, heh heh.

I thought I would finish up the Pieceful Picnic designs and move on to other lines. Like I mentioned, my butt is apparently glued to the seat and my fingers seem to work best when attached to a mouse. Luckily I have such a cute mousepad to work with (shameless hint). Anyway, you can see that I finally posted the image I described earlier, the red w/gold apples, then the bananas have hearts from the strawberries added in the background, and the others are simply color variations of the main fabric. Now, next, Awestrich.....let's see how long I go before opening up that basket of tricks.

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