Saturday, September 4, 2010

Forget Quilts

At this moment, I am not going to talk about quilting. I was reading over my last blog addition and it made me think about weddings, obviously, duh. Anyway, I decided I am going on a campaign to find someone wonderful for my daughter. Anyone know of a great guy who would love to have a lovely, attractive, intelligent, hard-working, creative, giving, educated, kind-hearted gal who also happens to give the best head rubs and back massages? She is 42, never been married, wears a size 8, is 5' 10" tall....hmmmm, what else? Oh, as soon as I can snap a shot of her w/o her realizing why, I will add that to my information. Marriage is my goal, others need not apply. So, if you quilters out there can help me/her, let me know. This should be fun....

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