Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Quilt Fabric Wannabes

The first image is part of the quilt design that I was hoping to make. It is a panel then the green polka dot and the black stripe are coordinating pieces that were also some of the "turn downs. " The cherries and the stripe are in that group, too. I will add most of the others in the days to come.

Maybe one of the reasons I do not typically
like blue is that it is associated with feeling
down. Well, right now my whole world
feels blue.


  1. Boo hoo hoo! I was looking forward to these wonderful fabrics as well! Don't be blue, though. Be green or purple or bright, bright red! You are up there with some of the best. Nancy Crow told me a similar story: the fabric company asked her "but what would they DO with those???" A few years later another company produced that fabric line - I still have some of it (since we quilters seem reluctant to use our last little bit of something we treasure! Perhaps we think we'll be buried with it, lol !!!)

  2. yo Doll - do NOT be blue over this - personally I would consider it a badge of honor - WHY ? because most ( not all but most) of what the major houses are printing these days is absolutely the most generic stuff -same color palettes , same type design - and I am supposed to buy it because of HER name ( insert any number of names here) - NO way am I putting my creative efforts into working with it.

    Sweetie- you stay true to your artistic spirit and it will happen- you know you have your personal team of supporters behind you. Don't worry about The Fabric Mafia - why do you suppose so many stores are having huge sales on their sites right now to move that fabric before the end of the year ?!

    push comes to shove- have you considered going indie on Spoonflower ? Pricey yes but the originality of the designs is worth every penny to me as a quilter


  3. PS - I am not affiliated with Spoonflower in any way

    I intensely dislike being subjected to monotonous, uninteresting , unvarying fabric lines forced down my Pfaff's throat as the only ACCEPTED, COOL fabric to quilt

    Give me some unconventional colors and patterns - like those crazy stripes - I would have purchased a entire bolt of that to stash and some beautiful dots too

    sorry to rant on this subject but it is a real sore point with me :(

  4. You guys are so great to be so supportive. I do appreciate all of these wonderful comments. It has occurred to be to print these fabrics, myself. The problem is the same: $$$$$. I will do some homework on this. Backatcha. In the meantime, how about some more images.