Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Quilter Needs Help

O.K, Boys and Girls! I am formulating a new Plan.  My wish is for all of you to be part of this Plan.  The truth is I will need help from ALL of you for this Plan to succeed.  While it is too early to give details, I can say it involves my starting my own fabric company.  One of the things I need from each of you is once I have more details, I will need for you to spread the word.  Put it on your Facebook pages, your Twitter page, your blog, your website,... send it out to all of your contacts, ask each of them to do the same.  Time will be of the essence.  This is all I can tell for the moment, but, more info will be given as I formulate and solidify this idea, this Plan.  

Thank you, in advance, for being part of my life, for the support you have shown to date.  I do feel blessed....I am rethinking my last Thread-- I just might not have used up every drop of my allotment of Good Luck on Tom.

Quilter's Newest List

I woke up this morning with a new list.  The list is called My Epiphanies, 2012

1.  I Love saying, "I love you."
2.  The best piece of real estate anywhere is any spot where Tom is and I am beside him on that spot.
3.  The reason I keep having these weird things happen to me is I used up a lifetime of Good Luck when I met Tom
4.  Nothing else is more important than the first three items on this list.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Some Party Favors

Images of where you wish you were....

Hello from Wherever

Location:Grand Rapids

Friday, August 24, 2012

Ego Trip in Grand Rapids

We are loving' this place.  The people have made us feel so welcome, so appreciated.  We have met the best folks.   I think we need to hold a virtual party.  Get your party clothes on, your party hats, make your favorite beverage and join us.

Quilters on the Road, Again

First, I am thrilled to say that Brandy and I actually got that order out the door in time.  Then, we set another record--we were actually packed and ready to hit the road the next day (Sunday) for Grand Rapids.  Heck, I even had Tom fill the tank and have the tires checked for air.  I could see a miracle in the making....we were going to get a decent night's sleep and get an early start for our 20 hour drive.  Ha ha ha ha.  Reality invited her unwelcome self to the party.  We walked out the door to the flattest tire I have ever seen.  Tom thought he would just pump up the tire so we could head into town to have the tire fixed.  Nope.  The seal was broken so the air would not stay in.

Tom decided it was time to sign up with AAA (finally).  He paid the fees and then called to have them come help.  Welllll, the first call for help cannot be answered for 24 hours. a local repair service.  They won't come until you can promise you have all the equipment for getting the tire off, like the locking nut key.  Duh, if we had that we probably would not need thm in the first place.  Regroup, again.  Get out the instruction booklet and  read it.  Locking key, found, appropriate jack, found....we don 't need those guys!  An hour later, that tire is still on that truck.  It is so rusted on that it will not budge.  Wait.  Now that the pressure is off, will it hold air?  You betcha.  Finally, 1:30 in the afternoon, we are on our way.

The next day we arrive in Grand Rapids.  We called ahead to our roommate who had arrived at the hotel that morning to let her know we were just minutes away.  It was now nearly midnight Monday. We arrive at the hotel to find she had forgotten to add our name to the register.  We called her cell...we called the room....we banged on the door.  She did not respond.  Poor Hannah.  She was so tired she had fallen asleep.  Brandy and I refused to rent another room so we went back outside and moved stuff around, trying to remain as inconspicuous as possible, so we could sleep in the truck.  uh oh, a police car....checking for vagrants.     Um, I believe sleeping in the car in a hotel parking lot pretty much puts us into that category. I told Brandy, "Duck! ". Then for some reason, our alarm goes off, the lights start flashing, do you turn this #%^*%# thing off??.  .  That policeman must be deaf and blind.  Thank goodness.  We finally curl up and pass out, ourselves.  Around 3 in the morning, Hannah calls..  "Where are you guys?"

My definition of " miracle" is getting broader and broader these days--- for instance, it now includes arriving in one piece, on the correct day, and, with a bed waiting for me, and, most importantly, for deaf and blind policemen......

Once, again, I feel the need to thank all of you who continue to check in on me.  You help make my day!  BFF, indeed.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This Quilter is Smiling

Whew.  We just got an order that set a personal best for our business.  A distributor just ordered 252 clock kits.  Now, to order acrylic, clock parts, hands, batteries, batting, labels, ink, directions, etc etc.  Oh, wait, this takes $$$$.  You know the saying, "It takes money to make money?"  Well, this is living proof.  I am getting way to old to be able to get away with batting my eyes, smiling, and pleading so folks will be sympathetic, not charge me until I get paid--not to mention, even if I looked like Catherine Zeta Jones, ordering over the computer would make all of that pretty useless....wellll, then there is always the little camera on the computer and the micophone, and......oops, I slipped into my day-dream mode.  Slap, slap, wake up, Dianne. Screeeeeech.  That is I, coming to a complete halt.  Stop the negative thinking.  Regroup.  Think positively.  THIS IS GONNA HAPPEN.  Oh, did I mention that it needs to be sent before we leave for our next show this weekend?!?!?!  oi oi oi.

Anyone got a piece of paper?  I need to make a list.........

Monday, August 13, 2012

Reflections of a Quilter

Don't ask me what I was doing checking out the Facebook pages.  Like I have the time to be doing that.  Anyway, I came across my brother, Don's, beautiful, eloquent contribution to the memorial for our sister, Debbie.  I was unaware that he had posted it on Facebook.  So, I am very belatedly passing this amazing tribute to our baby sister on to the world...

I’m Don Emery, Debbie Lee’s oldest brother.

To be honest, I never dreamed I would be doing this, and if I thought about it at all, it would have been her doing this about me. I’m not sure I can get through this, so please forgive me while I read these brief thoughts.

And please understand that for most of my life, Lee was Deb. Changing her name to Lee was part of her constant evolution, a reflection of the spiritual and personal growth that she embraced throughout her life.

From the moment Deb could walk, her arms were stretched out, embracing life; her blonde curls bouncing in time with her laughter. It was as if she were saying, “Hay! Look at me! I’m here and you better pay attention. I’ve got something to say worth listening to.” And she did in hundreds of ways, ways each of you know in your own special way.

She said it as a DAUGHTER and a SISTER, always caring, always there to support, defend, and yes, tell you what to do just in case you needed telling.

She sang it as a MOTHER, raising a daughter that was the pride and joy of her life, a living testament for all she stood and lived for.

Many of you heard her as a TEACHER, sharing her love of language and yoga, helping others to develop their skills and grow physically and spiritually.

Lee was a natural-born LEADER, bringing passion, commitment, and organization to every thing she did.


And a SURVIVOR, riding out Katrina on the roof of a house in her nightgown, and then rebuilding her life around a new home…

Most of all Deb was a PASSIONATE ROMANTIC, seeking the love-partner she envisioned, embracing life with her dancing shoes on and the most beautiful smile and soul-filled laughter you ever heard.

You know, many people have said that with time, I will find “closure.” Whatever closure means, I’m not sure I want it.

I just want her here, with us, and while it may sound crazy, I know she is here in each heart that loves her.

Let me read you a poem that expresses my feelings about closure, adapted without apologies from one by EE Comings:













Sunday, August 12, 2012

Quilters in Non-Quilt Frenzy

This Frenzy is a good one.  Yesterday three of us quilters got together and made rugs.  I just realized that I did not take pictures.  Perhaps that is my subconscious talking, "Hey, let's don't show how terrific these other guys' rugs are. Folks might not be so impressed with your quilty rug, Dianne." Gulp

Whatever.  I just love making the rugs--I love teaching how to make them.  So, basically, I can say, finally, yesterday was a good day.  Thank you Ladies!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Icing on this Quilter's Cake

I don't know where that phrase, "Icing on the cake," comes from when it often refers to something sour, not sweet.  In my case it is definitely sarcastic.  I delivered the sad, broken car to the Mazda dealership in Shreveport.  I spoke to several folks, went to the ladies room, visited with more folks, went  to get lunch (at 4:30 in the afternoon!!) and then returned to the dealership to get a rental to haul the rest of our stuff home.  As I am driving home I look down at my hand and, ohmygosh, I have lost my new rings.  Remember the must have ring that I got at the antique show?  Yep, gone. When I went potty, I had removed my new rings and laid them on the counter so I could wash my much for that.  I called the dealership and some as8$%^&*(^%$;le stole my rings.  Like I said, Icing.....this was the last straw in my day....I just cried for miles, sad for my missing rings, more saddened by man's lack of integrity, for the selfishness, and thoughtlessness.  How simple it would have been to simply have taken the rings to the office and left it for me?  Too much to ask, obviously, too much to ask.....

A Quilter's Continuing Saga....

We are still on the road.....things appeared to be going smoothly.  Reality check.  This is Dianne's life we are talking about. (I am now adding to this Thread one day after starting that last sentence. The reason why??? read on.....)

Like "going smoothly" was going to last.  Around two o'clock yesterday, things dramatically changed from smooth to disastrous. We were half way through day two of our trip.  We should have been able to get all the way home on that day.  We needed gas.  That happens a LOT when pulling a trailer.  Just before pulling off the interstate, we heard, and felt, a large "thunk." 

I said, "Brandy, what was that?"

She said, "I think we hit a rock."

"That was no rock."

Immediately, we pulled off the road.  As we were pulling onto a safe area, we heard another loud "thunk."  Gulp.

When we got out of the car we checked on the vehicle we were pulling.  It had fallen most of the way off of the trailer we had rented to pull it.  A pin that holds the trailer parts together had fallen out and the trailer had broken in two.  Amazing. 

It took seven hours for U-Haul to get someone out to the car, lift the car off the first trailer, and then hook a new one up to our vehicle so we could be on our way.  Of course, this involved yet one more night on the road, this time at U-Haul's expense.  Another great hotel wasted on the wrong bed mate.  Sigh.  I mean, Brandy is sweet, but, she is definitely not Tom.

So, now, in addition to the mechanical work, we now need about $5000 worth of body work on the car.   Anyone know of a good lawyer?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

This Quilter Just Wants To Get HOME

Here is the latest on our car issues.  At the very outset, my amazing hubby had said that it sounded like the problem with the car was the turbo charger.  No one but I believed him.  In fact, the manager of the service department said in all of the years he had worked there, not once had they replaced the turbo charger.  The assistant manger told me the same story.

Well, what they did not know was how amazing my Tom is.  In all the years we have been together, he has correctly assessed the situation no matter how far away he was.  I simply tell him that the car is going " r-r-r-r" , or, "clickty-clink"' or "screech-bang-bong", or whatever.  So, not only are we out the original $1800 for a repair that apparently was misdiagnosed, they now admitted it was the turbo charger that needed to be replaced and it would be another $2700.  To top it off they claimed that we had not properly serviced our car so the warranty was voided.  I asked them to call the dealership where we have all of our work done because they kept very accurate records.  Not gonna happen...

So, to make a long frustrating story a bit shorter, Brandy and I are finally on our way home.  We have Don's truck, again, only this time instead of pulling a trailer, we are pulling our sick car.  I told Tom, " You know, it is kind of macho to pull a trailer.  Now that I am pulling a car,  this is realllly macho so does this mean that I am now going to grow a "pair of you-know-what's" and hair on my chest?"

He said, "Babe, that is not gonna happen.  Remember, grass does not grow on a playground.".

Don't you just love him???

Monday, August 6, 2012

Woe is This Quilter

I am going to stop requesting "uneventful" because it seems that is a futile request. We got as far as Winslow, Arizona, the first night of our return trip. My wonderful husband had surprised us with hotel reservations at the most awesome hotel, La Posada. It is a famous hotel, built in the early 1900's. We had stuffed squash blossoms for dinner at the in house restaurant. Yummy. My only complaint? My roommate had boobs, and wears mascara...definitely not Tom.

The next morning we headed out getting only 47 miles down the interstate when we came to a complete stop. Four and a half miles ahead, an eighteen-wheeler was on fire. Eventually, traffic was backed up more than fifty miles behind us; finally, we get to my brother's house, but not before we had to drive 60 miles out of our way because we missed one of our exits, grrr.

The following day was Don's birthday with dinner and cake at one of his friend's home. Dare I mention that this friend's home was built in the 1800's and was an authentic adobe? My brother and his wife do not have ordinary, or boring, friends.

Next, we went hunting for wild mushrooms. On the way we stopped off at another friend's. This was a 750 acre ranch with polo ponies. Don shares a garden with them so we picked fresh veggies. Of course this "boring" pair of ranch owners were off on an African safari for the month. Sigh.

Continuing. After driving for about an hour, we ended up at the top of a mountain, nearly 11,000 feet above sea level. The view was a gift from God. The weather threatened us but, we were troopers, we foragers of the even hailed. Not all gifts are appreciated. We continued to pick nature's bounty. That evening? You betcha, mushrooms and steak!

The day after that, we drove to Albuquerque to see an incredible exhibit at a local museum, then we went to a cowboy and Indian antique show where even the most resistant shoppers are tempted. The jewelry, the rugs, the...everything. What a time to have a $2000 car repair bill hanging in the lurch. I managed to contain myself except for one little (Awesome!) ring. Oh-h-h, the vendors I could have made happy given free reins and a fatter wallet. Next year??? Later that evening, back in Santa Fe, we had dinner and birthday cake at yet another friend' s home. No, this was no ordinary place, either, with no less extrodinary folks in attendance. One woman was the former producer of the Regis and Kathy Lee Show. Another person made millions selling temporary tattoos. Believe me, I was the most boring person there, and, while I am not particularly "all that," I am not usually at the total bottom of that category, either.

Brandy and I packed the car and left the next day....that would be, yesterday. We barely got out of Santa Fe when the car started making the same scary sounds that made us take it to the repair shop in the first place. We reluctantly turned the car back around and headed back to Don's. I have been vacillating between crying and cursing to the point my eyes are nearly swollen shut this morning. Not only am I soooo ready to be home and in the arms of my precious Tom, but I am freaking out at what is really wrong with the car and what it is going to cost!!! I will do my best to keep you updated but that can only happen if I am not in shock....

Hello from Wherever
Location:La posada, etc

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Neglectful Quilter

O.K., I have been neglecting this blog. Dang, it is just that the rest of my life keeps getting in the way. We survived the Long Beach show, what we did not do was use our tickets to the Price is Right. The message from TPIR said there were two tapings, one at 8:30 a.m. and another at 12:30. Well, it turns out that you gather at the studio at 8:30 but that is only to start getting the audience checked in. The actual taping does not start until four hours later and can take as much as four hours to complete the one hour show. This just simply did not fit into my schedule. What did fit into that schedule was a trip to the Alexander Henry warehouse/studio which just happens to be a mile from my cousin's house. ILOVEITHERE!!! I never tire of that place. I always spend more than my budget.....and my point???

How about a few more images of my brother, Don's, amazing home? We will get there sometime this afternoon. Doesn't everyone have braids of fresh garlic and leeks hanging from the ceiling of their garden shed? And an orchard out back? And, a barbecue pit for roasting whole pigs? Don't I just love it there? You had better believe it.