Thursday, October 22, 2009

(6 miles)

Hard to believe it has been nearly a month since I added to my Threads. Oh well, We have yet to settle on a date fro Brandy's surgery. I often wonder what the doctor does when it is someone that they care about who needs attention .

Quilt Market was not what folks expected, that is for sure. The assumption is that shop owners are trying to save some $ by having the distributors come to them rather than spend the money on travel and hotels. I can certainly understand that but it is not good for the rest of us who spent large $$ getting to the show and setting up a booth. Oh well, such is life. My favorite part of the whole thing is seeing other people's creativity, getting to meet the designers and creators of so many awesome things, just talking to everyone. We all know how much I hate to talk, heh heh.

Quilt Festival was another thing altogether. It was great. My daughter calls these "Ego Trips," and I concur. How could it not make your day when so many different folks come to your booth and say, "I love your booth, your products, your sense of color and design, etc,??" I am definitely not immune to any of that. I love it. Probably the best was the owner of one of the booths that specializes in African materials who saw me walking around (spending while my son watched the booth, hee hee) and motioned for me to come to his booth. He said, in the most wonderful accent, "I just love your booth. It is the best booth in the show, I want to live in your booth. I want the rug you have on the floor. " He was just a doll. I offered to make a rug for him out of his fabrics and you would have thought I was giving him the moon.

Speaking of my "walking around," just going to the bathroom ends up costing me big bucks. It got to the point that whenever I told my son I had to go to the bathroom, he would reach into the cash drawer and hand me $100 bucks because no matter what aisle I took, I saw something I "needed" to use in my if I can just live long enough to try all of them out, gulp.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Finally, we have photos of our daughter's wrecked car. I am posting them and repeating, "We are lucky; we are blessed."