Saturday, September 29, 2012

Insomniac Quilter

Here I am with the opportunity to get a great night's sleep and where am I ?  Sitting on the edge of the bath tub trying my best not to disturb the Sleeping Beauties in the next room.  I actually got to bed by 10:00 last night but I think I trained this old bod to exist on minimal sleep because by 2:30 this morning I was wide awake.  Oh well, like the rest of life, I'll adjust.

I think the bigger issue is whether folks can get adjusted to me, heh, heh.  I warned these guys that when they accepted so many of my class suggestions that I just might need a personal secretary to get me to the room on time.  Well-l-l-l, all I can say is, folks, you were warned.  Right off the bat, day one, I am in my booth when the head of the education department comes running into my booth and tells me that folks are waiting for me.  oops. Luckily that did not seem to affect the students creativity because they each made the most awesome chairs.  As soon as I can get to a computer to download the images off my cell phone, I will share.

Later that day, around 4- ish, I am happily waiting on one of our charming customers and she is telling me how excited she is to be part of my next class and aren't I concerned about being a bit late for the class?  I said I was pretty sure that I would have plenty of time to get there because it was not until 4:30 and all about how I had been late to my first class, and how I really needed to be conscientious about tardiness because of my first class and all, and how bad it would look if I were late to the next one, and about that time she proceeds to reach into her purse.  (How's that for a run-on sentence? Somebody, send this gal some periods!)  I, of course am thinking she is grabbing her wallet.  Instead out comes a handfull of bright orange class tickets and right on top is one for my class with the starting time glaring me in the face....4 friggin' o'clock.

Holy crappola! I grabbed my stuff and ran like crazy, in my stocking feet to the other end of the building.  At the end of the class, the lovely gal that I ran off and left standing in my booth, the one who was taking the class, came to me and asked sweetly, " Could you please finish signing my book?" I looked down and realized that I had started signing her book and had run off, mid word.  What a trooper!  Yes, Allie, there are definitely, nice folks left in this world.  Of course, I already knew that.  Just look at you sweeties who continue to read and support my efforts.  Sweetness abounds.....

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Update from LaLa Land

Welcome to my world, boys and girls!  Here dreams and wishes can come true.  This morning the technician cleared us for the duration of the trip.  I hugged his neck, big time.  Then, when I asked the service manager what the charge for diagnosing was he said, "Just be safe. There is no charge." I almost squeezed the breath out of that guy.

So, here we are, driving like crazy towards Novi.   If you see a white trailer with Dianne Springer splashed across the side, wave, beep your horn, or say a few more prayers for us.  Just please do not get upset if we do not stop or even wave back....we just don't have time.  If you are able to make it to Novi, or Des Moines, or Houston, that is a different story.  I will make time for you.

A Quilter's hourly

The hour? Nearly 8 a.m. and we are sitting in front of the service entrance of the Mazda dealership saying a little prayer (o.k., so it is a HUGE prayer) that the only issue will be that the light is flawed.    The likeliness of that happening is more like zero to none--it is just more evidence of my preference for LaLa Land over Reality.

Did I mention that last night while I was inside the hotel lobby arranging for a room, Brandy dropped my cell phone in my drink cup and drowned it?

this Quilter's Saga Continues.....

We finally left the house around 10 this morning.  Tom called.  He was leaving Pensacola and wondered if I was taking the "Jackson, Mississippi," route to get to Novi.  He said that if we were, perhaps we could meet in Jackson for lunch.  I told him one teensy weeny fib.  I told him I checked Mapquest and it only added a few miles to our journey.  100 extra miles is a few when one has not hugged, touched, or kissed her Honey for two weeks and is leaving on another two week trip that day.  So, we departed about three hours later than The Plan had allowed--by our standards, almost on time.  :-)

Then, just as we were driving through Vicksburg it occurred to me that there was an amazing quilt shop, Stitch 'n' Frame, living right there, and it would be "shame on me" if I deprived them of the opportunity of looking at my new designs.  So, we called Kay, the owner, and she agreed to see us.  She loved the designs and ordered the whole line of brights.  Did I mention she is really smart and has exceptional taste?

Now, one might be wondering about Tom.  Yep, he had already arrived in Jackson.  We should have been there at least thirty minutes earlier than he.  He called, again.  Without a complaint, he drove on over to Vicksburg. Talk about smart and really good taste.  Oh, wait that would be I, for marrying this incredible guy.

After a not too wonderful, very late lunch, we continued on our way.  Just about an hour south of Memphis the engine light came on....deja vous.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This Quilter's "Usual"

My girlfriend asked me tonight, "Are you ready for your shows?" 
I told her, "Better than we usually are...."  Jeez.  If you think we are all ready to go, please check out the time I am writing this.  I just got finished packing.  It is as if I don't know what I own.  I look through my closet as if some incredible new outfits are going to jump out at me, make me look 10, no, 15 pounds lighter, and, sigh, 20 years younger.  Just because this has never happened before, surely does not prevent it from happening, ever, does it?  A gal can only hope.......

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quilter in a Phone Booth

Have you ever seen those pictures where the folks are getting stuffed into a phone booth?  Get that image firmly in your head and then simply change it to Brandy and me stuffing our two weeks of supplies into our trailer and car.  Shoot, our clothes take up the entire back of the car.  I mean, hey, we have to take at least one pair of shoes per day, and outfits-- the weather could change while we are there so we have to pack lots of possibilities....then, we gotta have our own personal pillows, and blankets just in case...well, just in case... and what about snacks?  we have to have snacks....cell phones, Brandy's, mine, and the business phone, chargers, IPad, and chargers, Kindles (both of them), and chargers,--I guess it is asking too much for there to be just one charger for all these electric thingies. 

We make lists, then we make a list of the lists, and we still forget things.  Anyone recall last year when we went to Houston Market for the sole reason to show our designs to the various fabric companies?  And what did we leave in Ruston????....yep, the entire package of designs.  We got in the car and drove 6 hours, picked up the package, and then drove 6 hours back to Houston arriving in time for Market to open at 10 in the morning.  That, alone, makes us both compulsive list makers when it comes to preparing for shows.  The lists don't prevent us from leaving things. They make us "think" we won't leave anything....

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Quilter in a Quandry

My quandry is, dare I get another phone?  Should I mention that this will be my seventh phone in less than two years?  I believe this has been a topic of discussion in earlier threads so, any of you sweeties who have been bored enough, brave enough, kind enough, persistent enough to have actually read long enough, know my history when it comes to cell phones. What is the most amazing is my husband's attitude...he just kind of sighs, and then makes plans on how to remedy the situation.  I have thought about going to AT&T to see if they need someone to advertise for them who had basically tried every version of I-Phone that has been introduced.  I am now on the list for the newest one....anyone wanna take bets on how long I'll keep this baby?

Please keep your eyes and ears, and pocket books open so you can help with my KickStart idea.  Pass the word along, pass the buck (to me) and let's get this fabric in everyone's hands!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Quilter, Not a Baker

Whoa. I just made the worst cupcakes, ever.  I should be "Chopped," that is for sure.  The problem is I start craving something and when I go to the kitchen I usually discover that I do not have the right ingredients so, I substitute.  Nuff said???  It is amazing that Brandy and I still manage to eat the results.  What I could use right now is about a dozen BFF's to show up to eat the rest of them.  Talk about a test of friendship......  ;-)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Where on Earth has this Quilter Been?

Those Pesky Flowers
Have I been out of town?  Out of state?  out of the country???? Out of my Mind is the most likely.  It has been so crazy around here that it is surprising that I have even an ounce of sanity left.  I keep asking Brandy, "What was I thinking when I agreed to do all of these classes?  these lectures?  these demos?"  The only answer I can think of is that I must have been inhaling too much of that glue that I use.

Get this:  In Novi, Michigan: Quilt on a Chair Class, Watch Class, Flower #1 and Flower #2 Class, Lecture on Ikats, Lecture on my approach to quilting, Quilt in a Placemat Class, second Watch Class, second Flower #1 and #2 class, 2nd Ikat lecture, and, when I am not in class, I am doing demos all day long in our booth.

(Pack up, try to get some sleep, then drive straight to Des Moines...)

In Des Moines: Applique 101, Scrap-O-Lator Quilt Class, Table Runner Class, Watch Class, Placemat Class, demos, Author's Round Table, more demos, and more demos.........

Are straight jackets comfortable?

Oh, it was also ----MY BIRTHDAY this weekend.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What is that Quilter Up To???

Busy busy busy....what's new?  I was busy preparing for two classes and a trunk show for Linda Z's Quilt Shop in Chicago, for end-to-end classes and lectures in Novi, Michigan, then for end-to-end classes and lectures in Des Moines when I get a phone call from Chicago asking if we could postpone the classes and lecture in Chicago.  Great, that was the only part of this scenario that I was all ready for.  My mantra these days is "Regroup."

Wanna see what I came up with while playing, um, I mean, working on my class preps?

Now, don't you wish you were in Novi or Des Moines taking this class?  I wish you were, too!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Finally, the last of the Pastel designs for What a Notion.  My "Plan" is to do my best to pre-sell the fabrics as much as possible.  The printer wants $50,000 up front.  HAHAHAHAHAHA.  Like I have that kind of cash sitting around, well, sitting anywhere!!  So, another part of my "Plan" is to put this on KICKSTART, a way to raise awareness and $$ for projects that folks want to see come to fruition.  It is a lot like fund-raising for groups like Public Broadcasting.  Someone gives, say, $100 to P.B, and they receive a t-shirt, or a cup, and the pleasure of knowing they are supporting a good cause.  So, you know my idea, you see the fabrics, you have heard the Plan.  As soon as we get the video together, and the awards in place, we will submit our idea to the Powers that Be at Kickstart.  Say a little prayer......

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Relieved Quilter

Did you just hear my sigh of relief?  Finally, I heard back from some of you delightful folks who are just stubborn enough to keep checking back.  I praise persistency ever day of my life. 

Now, for the really important stuff:
Happy Birthday, to you, Happy Birthday, to you,
Happy Birthday, my dear sweet Baby Boy (Chris),
Happy Birthday, to you....and many more.....

I love you, my son.  The Angels sang when you were born, the sun shone brighter, the clouds sprinkled hearts and flowers...but, no one was happier than your Dad and I and we have never stopped smiling.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mas Quilty Stuff

Here is the next to last of the offerings for right now.  I can hardly handle all of the attention these designs are getting.  NOT.  I have not heard one word from any of you.  Am I to assume that these are so blatantly unacceptable that you guys cannot even bring yourselves to say something BAD?????

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chocolate Quilters, UNITE

Save  the Earth... it's the only planet with chocolate!!!!!!

As Ye Sew

Rotary Club

                                                                 Keep Me in Stitches
Did you know that this is the 100th anniversary of the Oreo cookie?  Join me with a cookie, a twist, a lick, and some yummie in the tummie.   

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Quilter's Mind is Spinning Out of Control

Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning.., Satan shudders & says ..."Oh no....she's awake"  

One of my new friends had this quote on the bottom of her email.  I loved it.  Usually, it is those around me who shudder, heh heh.  Hopefully, this guy is not too close by....

 How about a peek at what I have been working on?  It is part of that "Plan" that I mentioned earlier.  I discovered that with one of the companies that I have been in contact with, multiple color ways can be printed at no additional cost.  Of course, considering the "cost," period, that is still serious business.    

I already showed you guys the bright version of this line.  Now, I have been frantically trying to get the more pastel version done.  If you would like to place an order, feel free to call me.  If you would like to make suggestions, keep that to yourself....just kidding, I definitely need all the help I can get.  

Forever Dotty
What a Notion


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Yawning Quilter

Still in transit....I keep thinking, "this all looks so familiar, like I have been here déjà vous....". Oh, yeah it's because I have.  Only this time I am holding my breath as we pass where the car broke down, where the dolly fell in two, where we spent seven hours waiting to be rescued, where we.....well, where we are now enjoying that we are looking at all of those places in our review mirror!!

The Usual Three Hours for This Quilter

(I started this Thread the day I was leaving for Santa Fe, so please bear with me as I do my best to catch up to the present)

I knew I had to get up early.  I knew I had no one to help with the driving.  So, as "usual ," I had way too much to do to get a decent night's sleep.  I have even broadened my definition of "decent"  as it relates to means that I thought about sleeping at least a dozen times.

Here I am with fifty bazillion things to do to prepare for the next series of classes and shows, with too few days to work with, and I have to use up five of them driving to and from Santa Fe so we can return my brother's truck and pick up our trailer.

I am delighted to report that the trip out here went smoothly.  We had originally planned to turn right around and head back home without even spending one night but for some reason, rational thought actually came into play, and that great bed was just sitting there, unused.  It would have been  such a waste.  And, based on my scraps, alone, you can imagine how much I hate to waste.

We had a perfectly lovely day here in this spectacular part off the country with my awesome brother, Don, and his delightful wife, Lynne.  It is now Sunday morning and I am packed and ready to boogie.