Friday, July 27, 2012

Quilter in a Heavenly Space

Entering the page from Southern Living...come with me.....enjoy

-hello from wherever

What a Trip

As I left my brother's house in Santa Fe, I said, "I just want a boring, uneventful drive to Los Angeles.". Was that asking so much? Silly silly Dianne. Brandy and I were not 30 minutes out of Santa Fe when a car behind us came sailing past us, fish tailing, narrowly missing our car at least twice. The car then swerved in front of us, and then went left onto the median hitting the soft sand. That caused the car to turn back around and it sailed back across both lanes, passing across the front of our car onto the shoulder where the car hit more soft dirt and ditches. The car rolled over several times making so much dust it was impossible to see the car for several seconds. I had Brandy calling 911 while I ran in my stupid flip flops as fast as I could to check on the driver of the car. I tried to brace myself for seeing a dead person, tried to remember CPR if I needed it, cursing the flip flops, heart racing....what was truly amazing was the car had landed upright, the woman driver was alive and appeared to be in good shape considering the condition of the car and what it had just gone through. This car had not one single piece of glass left, not a spec of rubber was left on any of the four wheels, the front end was basically gone, the driver was covered in dirt. She was obviously in shock, dazed and confused, but, other than what looked like a broken arm or collar bone, she was good. Miracles do happen. So, after all of the appropriate rescue folks arrived, Brandy and I went on our way, shaken, but definitely counting our blessings.

-hello from wherever

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Another World for This Quilter

Actually, I think I have been magically placed into a page right out of Architectural Digest, or Southern Living, or, well, someplace not of my world. I have been taking pictures to prove my point. The only problem is they will never do justice to this place. I am such a smartie pants, NOT. I actually thought I could transfer images that I took w this I-pad to my blog. Guess not. Those images will just have to wait until I get to a computer.

Quilter's Not So Smooth Sailing

That is putting it mildly. In the first place part of Brandy's and my "plan"was to call ahead to quilt shops along our route to show, and hopefully sell, our fabrics. To our surprise, and shock, several of the shops refused to even talk to us let alone actually take a moment to see us. What on earth is the matter with these guys? I mean, I do not presume to be God's gift to each and every one of them (O.K., O.K., so I was hoping they would at least act like I was). But, could somebody at least tell me why anyone needs to be rude? Ever??? So, we were already not in the best mood as we headed out, but, what happened on day two certainly helped put those silly woes in their places. We had major car trouble. Our car was making noises that I never even knew it was capable of making. I called my 911 (a.k.a., Tom) as if he was going to be able to zap himself here AND fix the car? Well, hearing his voice was at least good for my heart. Anyway, we were so lucky to have gotten as far as we did because I was able to call my amazing brother, Don, and he and his wonderful wife, Lynne, dropped everything and came to the rescue. Not only did they make the two hour round trip, but they acted like they were just sitting around waiting to be our very own personal AAA. What a joy to see both of their beautiful faces. The worst part of this was the call from the repair shop making this most current trip to Reality a real kick in the pocket. The latest reality check comes to $2000. And, add to that little bit of news the part where they tell me the car will not be ready in time for us to get to California. Don And Lynne step back into Savior mode and offer their vehicle for the remainder of our trip. I continue to fall into the "Aren't I one of The Lucky Ones?" category. How can any one person be surrounded by such awesome people?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oops, I Amost forgot the image

Right after I wrote the last post I realized that I had forgotten to add the image for my next fabric.  So, I immediately started this new  Thread.  Then, my computer started acting up and I went to bed.  So, without further delay, I share.......
Beadazzled Butterfly

Quilter's Beadazzled Butterfly

When I should be packing?  You guessed it, I am playing on the computer.  "Playing" is the key here, heh heh.  I am having a ball.  Here it is after midnight, and I am dreaming--dreaming up designs.  So, I will be missing two things while I am gone, Adobe Photoshop, and my walks.  Speaking of the Walk, if you have it in your heart and hands to do so, please make that donation to my Walk for the Cure.  I am majorly behind. Just click below and be sure to spell my name properly. 

I just love this whole Pink Thing and cannot wait to help Dianne

If you are anywhere near Santa Fe, or, Long Beach, come see me and give me a HUGE hug.  I just love hugs.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Quilter's Sneak Peek

What on earth could I be doing these days? With no list to follow, no list to restrict me,....I am freeeee as this dragonfly.  Whatchathink?

Quilter's Query

I have two comments (please forgive me if these are repeats but some things definitely deserve repeating).  The first is a question:  Is it possible to insure just a person's lips?

The second is simply a statement:  "Kisses are like real estate---location, location, location"  ;-)  

Did I mention Tom was here for the weekend.......??? 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Big Fat Quilter's HELLO

We have been very busy gals.  On Tuesday I was invited to fill in for another gal who was supposed to give a talk for a guild in Texas.   The Talk was scheduled for Thursday!  REGROUP. Stop the wagons.  Unload the trailer.  Pack everything in the car.  Get two hours of sleep.  Drive to Shreveport, eat incredible blueberry pancakes at Cracker Barrel.  Drive the remaining hour to the meeting.  What a charming group of quilters, and, they were classy enough to even take us to lunch.  Not one other group has ever done that.  In the process, I found out that they had already thought about inviting me to give a talk but decided that I would not be willing to come.  I told Tom that I wondered if they thought that I was too big for my britches.  Dang, I definitely gotta lose weight if they can tell that from waaay over there.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

On the Road, Again

While we are headed out, again, tomorrow, it is only for the day.  We are the "fill-in" at a guild meeting in Texas.  So, wish us luck and  lot of laughs (for all of us)

Sorry for the brevity but I am having issues with the printer and I am at the desk all day long.

More later.....

Monday, July 9, 2012

Scratch scratch

Yep, still scratching, but the blueberries are definitely worth it.  We made a cobbler tonight and the only bad thing is we are in danger of eating it all before morning--remember, there are only two of us  here, heh heh. 

As for the infamous wedding quilt?  Well, I just un-sewed and then re-sewed it for the third time.  I am ready to burn it.  What we do for our friends.  If I were being paid for this baby, I would have given a refund a week ago.  Grrrrrr.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Chiggers love Quilters

We drove the eight hours to Mother and Gene's house and hit the ground picking. We picked about three gallons of blueberries before it got too dark to see the berries. Then, we crashed and got up by 6:30 the next morning and picked nearly four more gallons. Apparently, chiggers have a particular fondness for quilters because Brandy and I both coated our bodies with sulphur powder but we were still the main course. Luckily, we are not going to a baseball game because we might get mistaken for one of the players.... no spitting or balls of any kind involved, but, oi, oi, oi, the scratching!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

News Flash: No More Excuses

I give up.  When I first started this blog I said it would be a "Daily."  Then, reality hit and I decided a "Whenever" was a better description.  Somehow, I slipped back into my little LaLa Land and forgot about the land of What Happened? a.k.a., Reality.  So, no more excuses, I will just try to tell you what happened each time I miss days.

Our son and his wife decided to come for a visit. I do not want to hurt anyone's feelings, but, I would waaaay rather play with them than do just about anything else.  Also, I might have mentioned that my new little daughter-in-law is a masseuse? and that she always brings her paraphernalia? talk about LaLa, her massages put me in another world every time, so ,anyone who thinks I did not clear my calendar is in LaLa Land, too.  Remember, the sheets are always clean here.  You are welcome to stay for as long as you like. 

By the way, I am heading out to pick blueberries, gallons and gallons of blueberries from my mother's garden.  That is another place you are welcome to come.  I do not know what her husband was thinking when he planted all of those babies, but they have a gazillion bushes and many many gazillions of berries.  If you live near Birmingham, Alabama, come pick with us. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Almost Forgot

I just remembered--Have a Poppin' 4th of July!!!!!

OMG, Quilter Outdo

I just outdid myself.  Since I no longer have "The List," I can do whatever I want and at this moment, I want to make baskets. I am grinning from ear to ear with this baby, my new fave.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

This Quilter Needs to Wake UP

I mean that, literally.  I am supposed to be getting my practice walk done before it is a bazillion degrees outside.  One would think that I would learn to stay away from the sewing room until that walk is all done.  But, No-o-o-o-o-o-o, that might take a IQ point and I seem to be very low on those these days, at least in this department. Somehow, one teensy weensy peek into that room is just not possible.  I am like an alcoholic who says, "It's just one little drink can't hurt...." 

No More Almosts for this Quilter

So now, I have been a really bad girl.  No writing on Monday, either, and, while it is partly Tom's fault, again, I had to admit, I probably could have squeezed a Thread or two into my day.  Tom had asked me to make one of those corded baskets for a co-worker of his who was retiring.  There went that weekend, well, a good part of it, and technically I had been paid in advance, heh heh, and I love any excuse to make baskets so it was hardly a chore....  Anyway, I worked my sore butt off finishing that basket and one guess who left it here?......(you only get one guess because this was just too #$%##^&*^ easy a question).  So, Tom calls in a panic this morning and asked could I meet him part way. So, stop everything, take a bath, dress, etc, and head out to El Dorado.  It definitely does not hurt  that I get to see, hug, kiss, and eat lunch with that sweetie, but, hey, I gotta at least pretend all of this was inconvenient so I can keep him on his toes, kept in an appreciation mode, indebted to sh-h-h-h-h, it will be our little secret.....did I sense the rumblings of another question, this time from someone out there?  A question similar to, "Ok, so that was the morning, but what happened to the rest of your day?"  Hey, I have the perfectly logical answer to that little ditty with a question of my own.

"Do you really think a person is supposed to get bathed, put on make-up, and drive an hour and a half just to turn around and head back home?  with that Mall so nearby?  Silly silly people.  It would have been so wasteful to have simply gone home, I mean that bath water, the soap? the mascara!?!?  I am a card carrying member of the Sierra Club!  I do not waste--and I also deserve credit for awesome willpower.  I actually resisted buying two new amaaaaazing skirts.  So, no grief, you guys,  I am back in the "good girl" category!  Let's hear it for the girl.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Uh Oh Quilter Goofs

Yep, I definitely goofed.  I missed Saturday. The weird thing is that I did not even realize it until I started to write today's Thread.  It's Tom's fault.  Yeah, that's it.  He was here and I was, um, very busy with him.  O.K., O.K., it was mostly Friday night..... and Saturday....... and, well, we went to a movie, too, and out to eat....see?  Tom's fault.

The movie we went to see was Moonlight Kingdom with Bruce Willis and Bill Murray.  It was terrific.  I am not sure this baby will ever make it to the general movie theaters but do yourself a favor and find one of the theaters that was brave enough to show this movie.  Very off the wall, very quirky, but also very touching. 

Oh, that quilt top that I was working on?  The one I was going to show images of?  I cut it up. It was soooo ugly.  So, I will now show you the new, and I-like-it-so-much-better quilt top. I was making this as a wedding gift.  The couple have been married almost a year. It is my understanding that anytime less than a year for wedding gifts is acceptable.  I am testing that rule of etiquitte.....