Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Quilter's Close Call

Whoa.  I really had a close call today.  I learned a long time ago, don't go for a walk without the goodies.  No, I do not mean candy.   I am referring to the basics--toilet paper and a telephone...Well, truthfully, the phone is at its most necessary when one does not have the toilet paper.  The issue is becoming more and more serious as the practice walks become longer.  What I realized, today, was that all the paper and phones matter not if there are no potty spots.  My list of requirements for one of those has become a lot shorter since all of these new houses have been built.  Nature calling is not just to go Hunting, Fishing and Camping, folks.  Nature was friggin screaming at me and there was no place to hide.  Geez. I am actually wondering about packing the Depends.  Grosssssss.

Monday, May 28, 2012

One Quilter, One Mother--Fair Warning

Update on Mother....Mother is 93.....still driving.....still stubborn....These things do not go together nicely.  She left for a short trip to the grocery store right after church on Sunday.  Hours later, no Mother.  Her husband, worried, called the Sheriff's office.  They said, "We already found her."  It turns out that someone had called the Sheriff to report someone was driving too slowly and was impeding traffic on the interstate.  When they arrive on the "scene," they found Mother, not wearing a seat belt, eating a bowl of soup and bread....while driving.  I mean, DUH, what is NOT wrong with this scene????

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Finally Quilting

Portion of the latest Ikat quilt top
I am at least at the piecing stage, finally.  Brandy is sitting here cutting out fat quarters from the most incredible fabrics, my Ikats that I bought while visiting Bali.  So, I did what I usually do.  I stopped working on the "necessary" (a.k.a., The List) and made a new quilt top from those Ikats.  I used one of the delightful "Turning Twenty" quilt patterns--often more fun, and definitely quicker, than sitting down and creating totally from scratch.  After all, isn't that the reason we buy patterns in the first place? We want to avoid the decision-making as much as possible, the "oops, I shoulda....(fill in the rest)," the calculations, etc etc.  We are left with the most fun part, making the quit top, period.  The addiction is fed.  I am in big troube, now.   No, I did not accidenty mispe that word.  I am just avoiding L's of any kind.... 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So You Think You Can Quilt?

O.K, O.K., this Thread has nothing to do with quilting.  I had just been watching the series, So You Think You Can Dance, and thought that I would be "cute."  Whatever.  As I mentioned in an earlier Thread, I am totally hooked.  Truth be known, I have become a fan of several of these shows, such as X Factor, America's Got Talent, Sing, etc. etc etc.   Without having to buy a ticket or leave home, one can be entertained with incredible singing, dancing, comedy, and creativity....well, some of these participants do not meet the "incredible" criterion in a positive way.  I figure some of those guys got on the show by being part of a bet -- bet you won't dress up in women's clothing and make a complete fool of yourself on national television, kind of bet.  Those folks not only should have won the bet, they should have been given a HUGE incentive because they are so-o-o-o bad to the point of not even being funny, just gross.

I was discussing these shows last night with a group of women and one of the women said, "I don't watch reality shows."  Hmm.  To me, that is the equivalent of saying, "I don't like vegetables."  How can anyone make such a generalized statement?!  So you don't like carrots, does that mean you don't like asparagus?  or potatoes?  Like they taste even remotely the same?  Or, I don't like seafood---yeah, an oyster is similar to salmon.  NOT.  My immediate thought, "Not all the lights are on in her attic....."

So, I am now climbing off my bandwagon, at least for the moment.  Have an awesome day!  I am heading out for my practice walking for The Walk.  Keep those donations coming, boys and girls, you will feel so good about yourselves, and that's the truth!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quilter's Challenge

This is the Challenge:  "Try Topping This"  Hmm.  I don't even go there.  Who can top this?  Personally, I think that is impossible.  This is not to say that Man is not creative...just that the Big Creator is The Man.  So, stop while you are ahead, or behind, whatever, and just stand there and smile, enjoy, and smell the roses.  O.K., so in this case, smell the Gardenias.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lists from a Quilter

I am a list-making fool.  I cannot seem to manage without one.  Of course, today, I did not make a list so I am going through serious list-making withdrawal.  I left stuff at home that I needed on my errands, I forgot to do some essential things.....I need, NEED my list.  I have already started a list for tomorrow.  Now, I just need to add to the list, "take the list with you."

Tomorrow, a local restaurant is offering 15% of the take for the day to help me with my Susan G. Komen Fund-Raising efforts.  Of course, I have to give everyone who comes a flyer that states that.  No flyer, no $$$.  So, the next thing on my list--get those flyers into the hands of the hungry.  Don't forget to make that pledge, that donation, my friends.  Here is the link:

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers' Day, Quilters, et al

 Looks like I am back to my old antics...rarely doing a daily addition to my Threads.  Heck, daily anything seems to be a challenge theses days.   It just seems like every time I cross one thing off my "To Do List," three more things appear that need my immediate attention.  How about a picture of the most recent item that hopped on the band wagon?

This is my most recent apron pattern.  I have not added the ties, but other than that...TA DA.  The center of the flower is a removable hot pad.  Whatchathink?  I work with Darlene who works for Rock-Lon, the company who created the MPC cloth. She frequently asks me to come up with something that uses their product.  This is my latest offering.  The last time I created a project for Darlene, she got tears in her eyes.  Now, I am looking for tears as my standard for a success.  No tears from Darlene will bring tears of another kind to Dianne.  Hey, I did not set the bar;  she did.  It's a tough act to follow even if I was the act.

Now, here is another critic.  No tears, but the rug seems to be getting the nod of approval.  Sure made my day....

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quilter Gets a Break

Is this what is meant by "meeting myself coming and going?"  We actually stopped in the middle of the road to take this picture.  How fun is this?

Speaking of stopping in the middle of the road....did I mention that I was stopped by a trooper the other day?  We were heading down the interstate, going the "usual" 70++ miles per hour when we realized we could not pass up one more potty opportunity.  At the bottom of the ramp, Hello, one trooper, one 30 mile/hr sign, one very red flashing light.  The officer got out of the car, smiling....that is a start...I rolled window down and said, "Hi, Officer."  He asked if I knew how fast I was going. 

I said, "Yes sir, 37 in a 30 mile zone.  I just needed a potty really badly."  At that point, he laughed and said, "I cannot believe you were honest about your speed.  There is a McDonald's across the street.  There are rewards for honesty."

There are Miracles !

Monday, May 7, 2012

Quilter at the Beach

So much for my promises to myself, to you awesome folks who stick with me without anyone who is kind enough to check in on me. I am still at the beach. The first three days were nothing but thunder, lightening, and rain. Lots and lots of rain! My efforts at jealousy? Fagetaboutit. Now, fast forward to Friday and a game of "Bubba Beach Croquet.". Now, that is what I am talking about! Fun in the sun. Truthfully, it was both the best of times and the worst of times. Mother seemed to enjoy sharing her 93rd birthday with us. She particularly enjoyed the gifts and the birthday cake. I loved being able to reach out and grab my brothers, collecting hugs as often as possible. Those were, for me, the best of times. The worst is probably fairly obvious--- no Debbie. The void she left is tangible. The quietness, audible.