Sunday, September 9, 2012

Finally, the last of the Pastel designs for What a Notion.  My "Plan" is to do my best to pre-sell the fabrics as much as possible.  The printer wants $50,000 up front.  HAHAHAHAHAHA.  Like I have that kind of cash sitting around, well, sitting anywhere!!  So, another part of my "Plan" is to put this on KICKSTART, a way to raise awareness and $$ for projects that folks want to see come to fruition.  It is a lot like fund-raising for groups like Public Broadcasting.  Someone gives, say, $100 to P.B, and they receive a t-shirt, or a cup, and the pleasure of knowing they are supporting a good cause.  So, you know my idea, you see the fabrics, you have heard the Plan.  As soon as we get the video together, and the awards in place, we will submit our idea to the Powers that Be at Kickstart.  Say a little prayer......

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