Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quilter in a Phone Booth

Have you ever seen those pictures where the folks are getting stuffed into a phone booth?  Get that image firmly in your head and then simply change it to Brandy and me stuffing our two weeks of supplies into our trailer and car.  Shoot, our clothes take up the entire back of the car.  I mean, hey, we have to take at least one pair of shoes per day, and outfits-- the weather could change while we are there so we have to pack lots of possibilities....then, we gotta have our own personal pillows, and blankets just in case...well, just in case... and what about snacks?  we have to have snacks....cell phones, Brandy's, mine, and the business phone, chargers, IPad, and chargers, Kindles (both of them), and chargers,--I guess it is asking too much for there to be just one charger for all these electric thingies. 

We make lists, then we make a list of the lists, and we still forget things.  Anyone recall last year when we went to Houston Market for the sole reason to show our designs to the various fabric companies?  And what did we leave in Ruston????....yep, the entire package of designs.  We got in the car and drove 6 hours, picked up the package, and then drove 6 hours back to Houston arriving in time for Market to open at 10 in the morning.  That, alone, makes us both compulsive list makers when it comes to preparing for shows.  The lists don't prevent us from leaving things. They make us "think" we won't leave anything....


  1. ...and then halfway there you KNOW you forgot something and have to unstuff until you find it just to be sure it's there...!

  2. You know me that well???? obviously, you do.