Wednesday, September 26, 2012

this Quilter's Saga Continues.....

We finally left the house around 10 this morning.  Tom called.  He was leaving Pensacola and wondered if I was taking the "Jackson, Mississippi," route to get to Novi.  He said that if we were, perhaps we could meet in Jackson for lunch.  I told him one teensy weeny fib.  I told him I checked Mapquest and it only added a few miles to our journey.  100 extra miles is a few when one has not hugged, touched, or kissed her Honey for two weeks and is leaving on another two week trip that day.  So, we departed about three hours later than The Plan had allowed--by our standards, almost on time.  :-)

Then, just as we were driving through Vicksburg it occurred to me that there was an amazing quilt shop, Stitch 'n' Frame, living right there, and it would be "shame on me" if I deprived them of the opportunity of looking at my new designs.  So, we called Kay, the owner, and she agreed to see us.  She loved the designs and ordered the whole line of brights.  Did I mention she is really smart and has exceptional taste?

Now, one might be wondering about Tom.  Yep, he had already arrived in Jackson.  We should have been there at least thirty minutes earlier than he.  He called, again.  Without a complaint, he drove on over to Vicksburg. Talk about smart and really good taste.  Oh, wait that would be I, for marrying this incredible guy.

After a not too wonderful, very late lunch, we continued on our way.  Just about an hour south of Memphis the engine light came on....deja vous.

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