Saturday, September 22, 2012

Quilter in a Quandry

My quandry is, dare I get another phone?  Should I mention that this will be my seventh phone in less than two years?  I believe this has been a topic of discussion in earlier threads so, any of you sweeties who have been bored enough, brave enough, kind enough, persistent enough to have actually read long enough, know my history when it comes to cell phones. What is the most amazing is my husband's attitude...he just kind of sighs, and then makes plans on how to remedy the situation.  I have thought about going to AT&T to see if they need someone to advertise for them who had basically tried every version of I-Phone that has been introduced.  I am now on the list for the newest one....anyone wanna take bets on how long I'll keep this baby?

Please keep your eyes and ears, and pocket books open so you can help with my KickStart idea.  Pass the word along, pass the buck (to me) and let's get this fabric in everyone's hands!

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