Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mas Quilty Stuff

Here is the next to last of the offerings for right now.  I can hardly handle all of the attention these designs are getting.  NOT.  I have not heard one word from any of you.  Am I to assume that these are so blatantly unacceptable that you guys cannot even bring yourselves to say something BAD?????


  1. I like it-fresh and bright and dotty!

  2. Oh, then I do offer my apologies! I just LOVED the "as ye sew" (the blue looks fantastic on my monitor), "rotary club" and "what a notion". Very, VERY clever use of our everyday tools and great use of color.

    Just as I (can finally!)look at exquisite quilts in a a show with admiration and not feel compelled to replicate it OR feel discouraged because I could not replicate it, I am (right now) at the point that I don't dare buy another inch of fabric until I use what I have and create a whole bunch of empty space on the shelves.

    And so I was being so very, very careful to admire ONLY your beautiful creations and not succumb to temptation and actually want to buy some! Therefore, I didn't leave a comment.

    For that, I apologize because your designs are just fabulous! I wish you the most splendid good fortune in getting them manufactured and being SO WELL RECEIVED that they become staples of the quilting community and live forever. :-)

  3. I like there some for me? Love the color!!!!

  4. I loved the designs, I guess I just assumed (you know what they say about that, don't you?) that everyone would be heaping praise on you, so I didn't need to throw in my 2 cents worth. I think they are terrific-I'm a color girl-not a mud hen feather in sight.

  5. Finally, whew. I was getting realllly worried that these were so bad that you guys were afraid to speak. Love the comments. Refreshing to say the least. Thanks so much to all of you.