Thursday, January 19, 2012

This Quilter is NUTS

What was I thinking????  I was looking over my schedule for the first half of the year and looking at maps, and....I have us scheduled to be at a show in Dallas one weekend then in Lancaster, friggin' Pennsylvania, the following weekend.  One and a half days to get there AND set up??????????  Dang, my Learjet is in the shop. 

Wanna buy my book?  call me at 318 243-2983 or 318 247-9725.  You will be soooo happy you did, heh heh.  I know I will be.


  1. See you in friggin' Pa! I'll be there with Bells on....
    Ruth from friggin" Canada ...LOL

  2. Please come give me a hug and do not be surprised if I hang on to you for an extra long time because I will probably need help standing, period, and the hug will be bonus.