Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year from this Quilter

I have this friend, Becky, who I have known for many years.  She is incredibly bright and has talents that she takes for granted.  One of those talents is writing poetry. What I mean by "taking it for granted" is that she says that what she does is not a gift--she thinks anyone can do this if they just try...ha ha ha ha.  My gift to you is that I am going to re-gift and share her talent with you:

Happy New Year

What a difference one year makes - what difference just one hour.
What an amazing world this is - what magnificence; what power.
How fortunate we are, indeed, to have the chance to live.
What an opportunity - the chance to love and give.
Since Christmas last, what times we've had - so hard to see our way.
Yet we knew we were richly blessed - far more than we could say.
And so we were; and still we are to have a better measure
Of our worth; the way we live - that is our earthly treasure.

Our lives are filled up to the brim with a wide variety - 
Smiles and tears; hopes and fears; need and prosperity.
And great the stage we are placed upon; great the writer/actor's lot
We have the power to write our lines, the power to set the plot.

So here is where we all are "now," and "then" is where we've been.
If only we had considered "now" before we determined "then."
What would we have better said? What would we do different then,
If we could write all our lines from "end" back to "begin."

So very easy it then would be to stage our annual play,
Having looked further down the road and planned the things we'd say.
Let's plan it all back from the bow! No, from the curtain's fall;
Back through the long stem rose we wave; back through the curtain call.

Back to our fellow actors - those whose hands we hold,
Who share our stage - hands lowered, raised - we chose, when truth be told!
Let's make it those we hold most dear with whom we take the bow.
With all our days so busy, it is best to plan that now.

As we write the lines we've said, as we act each in reverse
It will be easier to remember with less need to rehearse
Precisely we then hit our mark, working toward the curtain's rise!
How easy are the laughing lines; how simple are the cries.

When we are sure that all ends well, what fun the butterflies.
When we know the accolades will come, what's a little stage-fright?
How easy then our costumes don, how quickly do our make-up.
How easily we get a goodnight's sleep, right after we wake up!

As we back up to the present, we are nearing "now" at last.
So much of our success rides on the choosing of the cast.
Yet, if the audience is to proclaim our play "all the rage"
We must yet take most special care to select the proper stage.

Yes, what a difficult task we face as we start each New Year,
 What kind of play will we produce?  Will it be met with cheers?
So now we have the empty page and now the pen in hand
And now the motivation:  let's make this one grand!

Happy New Year!


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