Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Quilter Quandry

Peas, Lobster, Carrots???....

The old saying goes that you should eat black-eyed peas for good financial luck throughout the coming year.  So far, that has not been very successful for moi.  So, I am looking for some new suggestions.

First, I asked Connie, a delightful friend for advice. She hates peas. She told me that she had asked another friend in Atlanta if she had eaten the peas.  She said, "No, I had lobster.  Po' folks eat black-eyed peas and stay po'. Rich folks eat lobster and stay rich."

Next, I asked my son, Chris, if he ate peas.  He also hates peas, and he is a student studying Oriental medicine/culture.  He said, according to Asian belief, one must eat something orange for 28 consecutive days to get financial bliss

Now, I have just two questions before I begin--does Lobster sauce count?  and, what about orange Peeps? Jelly Bellies?  Candy Corn?



  1. let's see ..
    shrimp in lobster sauce - pure Oriental bliss !

    How about chocolate covered orange slices ? YUMmy !

    jelly belly - well, that is a little too close to my personal description after the holiday cookies so I'll take a pass on that one...

    orange sweet potato biscuits slathered in golden butter ? to drool for

    how about mandarin orange smoothies ? that's my usual breakfast ...

    ok, now I'm starving and need to get a handful of my orange carrots ...

  2. I like your train of thought!