Monday, January 9, 2012

Such a Good Quilter....

Yesterday, as Brandy and I headed out to Orlando, we had just a few stops to make on the way.  First stop, the bank.  Second stop, FOOD.  Third stop, Dillards. What happens so frequently is that I will find a great color lipstick only to find it is discontinued when I go to purchase more.  This time I decided to buy at least a couple more tubes of the same lipstick, right away, before they even have a chance to discontinue it.  I mean, I just bought this baby a week ago. 

Uh-oh.  Just as we got through the door of Dillards, there, on sale was a rack of great shawls.  How can one pass up a fifty dollar item now selling for 16 bucks???  I bought two.  My first Christmas presents for 2012, done.  I am good.

 I told Brandy, "Hurry, let's get over to the cosmetics counter.  We are already running hours late."

Oh-oh.  Look at those coats.  Look at the price!  Now I am going to be very good.  I passed on not one, but two beautiful coats that fit perfectly and looked great.  There is a special place in Heaven for me.

"Hurry, Brandy.  We really need to get out of here..... "

Uh-oh.  More sales in the Misses department... o.k., now I am getting past good to gr-r-rreat.  I resisted so much -- I bought just one teensy weensy blouse and one really cute skirt.

"Brandy, really, we are in such a hurr ...ohmygosh -- Major UH-OH...the shoe department is right next to the cosmetics counter!  And look, that awesome pair of black boots are on sale--the ones the saleslady told me just two days ago that NEVER goes on sale....jeez, they have my size.  Heaven can wait.

 Finally, to the cosmetics counter.  The lipstick?  You guessed it, discontinued! 

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