Thursday, January 26, 2012

Headin' to Texas on a Quilt Train

O.K, so we only have an engine, a caboose, and a one track mind, but our destination is in sight-- Jefferson, Texas, and the "Quilts on the Bayou" show.  Of course, our departure is set for early, but, that is always flexible.  Early is relative. I mean, right now is early.  It is eight minutes into Thursday.  So, wish us a smooth journey, a sunny day to set up, and lots of shoppers with lots of enthusiasm.  This is one of my favorite shows thanks to the terrific folks who put this show on.  If I do not get a chance to add a thread or two over the weekend, please rest assured that I am thinking of you, and even feeling twinges of guilt.


  1. ..our departure is set for early, but, that is always flexible... flexible ? FLEXIBLE ??/ oh, doll, being a reader since the beginning of this blog, yes, sweetie, Flexible is an excellent word to describe your departure time ( NO visits to the department store, OK ?)

    safe trip - wishing you great sales. I have never been to a quilt show before - must be a lot of fun.

  2. Superb words of advice, my sweet Barbara. I immediately crossed "Dillards" off my list. But, then again, I am flexible, heh heh.

    As for attending a quilt show, please see if there are any groups heading to Paducah, KY, in April. That is the best show, ever, to attend anywhere near you. Then, head straight to my booth and we will hug until our arms hurt.