Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Quilter Needs Help

O.K, Boys and Girls! I am formulating a new Plan.  My wish is for all of you to be part of this Plan.  The truth is I will need help from ALL of you for this Plan to succeed.  While it is too early to give details, I can say it involves my starting my own fabric company.  One of the things I need from each of you is once I have more details, I will need for you to spread the word.  Put it on your Facebook pages, your Twitter page, your blog, your website,... send it out to all of your contacts, ask each of them to do the same.  Time will be of the essence.  This is all I can tell for the moment, but, more info will be given as I formulate and solidify this idea, this Plan.  

Thank you, in advance, for being part of my life, for the support you have shown to date.  I do feel blessed....I am rethinking my last Thread-- I just might not have used up every drop of my allotment of Good Luck on Tom.

1 comment:

  1. Life is not a dress rehearsal, dear girl, so go for it NOW. Awesome news about your own thread - I still have a tiny bit of your last treasure trove put away because I love it so much, I cannot bear to cut it !

    YOU need to start an active Facebook page to help us spread the word. I do know that there is some way to integrate your blog into FB so that your entry appears both places. That would be kewl