Sunday, August 12, 2012

Quilters in Non-Quilt Frenzy

This Frenzy is a good one.  Yesterday three of us quilters got together and made rugs.  I just realized that I did not take pictures.  Perhaps that is my subconscious talking, "Hey, let's don't show how terrific these other guys' rugs are. Folks might not be so impressed with your quilty rug, Dianne." Gulp

Whatever.  I just love making the rugs--I love teaching how to make them.  So, basically, I can say, finally, yesterday was a good day.  Thank you Ladies!


  1. Yes, Dianne, it was much fun - making a quilt on a rug. Mine is complete....except for the turning and bonding around the edge and I love it! Can't wait to start another one.

  2. Totally loved having you there, and totally loved your rug. Thanks for being such a fun, enthusiastic person.