Wednesday, August 8, 2012

This Quilter Just Wants To Get HOME

Here is the latest on our car issues.  At the very outset, my amazing hubby had said that it sounded like the problem with the car was the turbo charger.  No one but I believed him.  In fact, the manager of the service department said in all of the years he had worked there, not once had they replaced the turbo charger.  The assistant manger told me the same story.

Well, what they did not know was how amazing my Tom is.  In all the years we have been together, he has correctly assessed the situation no matter how far away he was.  I simply tell him that the car is going " r-r-r-r" , or, "clickty-clink"' or "screech-bang-bong", or whatever.  So, not only are we out the original $1800 for a repair that apparently was misdiagnosed, they now admitted it was the turbo charger that needed to be replaced and it would be another $2700.  To top it off they claimed that we had not properly serviced our car so the warranty was voided.  I asked them to call the dealership where we have all of our work done because they kept very accurate records.  Not gonna happen...

So, to make a long frustrating story a bit shorter, Brandy and I are finally on our way home.  We have Don's truck, again, only this time instead of pulling a trailer, we are pulling our sick car.  I told Tom, " You know, it is kind of macho to pull a trailer.  Now that I am pulling a car,  this is realllly macho so does this mean that I am now going to grow a "pair of you-know-what's" and hair on my chest?"

He said, "Babe, that is not gonna happen.  Remember, grass does not grow on a playground.".

Don't you just love him???

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