Friday, August 10, 2012

Icing on this Quilter's Cake

I don't know where that phrase, "Icing on the cake," comes from when it often refers to something sour, not sweet.  In my case it is definitely sarcastic.  I delivered the sad, broken car to the Mazda dealership in Shreveport.  I spoke to several folks, went to the ladies room, visited with more folks, went  to get lunch (at 4:30 in the afternoon!!) and then returned to the dealership to get a rental to haul the rest of our stuff home.  As I am driving home I look down at my hand and, ohmygosh, I have lost my new rings.  Remember the must have ring that I got at the antique show?  Yep, gone. When I went potty, I had removed my new rings and laid them on the counter so I could wash my much for that.  I called the dealership and some as8$%^&*(^%$;le stole my rings.  Like I said, Icing.....this was the last straw in my day....I just cried for miles, sad for my missing rings, more saddened by man's lack of integrity, for the selfishness, and thoughtlessness.  How simple it would have been to simply have taken the rings to the office and left it for me?  Too much to ask, obviously, too much to ask.....


  1. After all the incredibly intense bullsh*t that you have experience this week,my dear dear little friend, If I were any closer than the 810 miles apart that we are, I'd be on your doorstep with a gallon of triple mocha swirl rocky road toffee nugget chocolate chunk ice cream and 2 spoons and we'd eat it straight out of the carton.

    I send you a hug and know that at least you are sleeping along side your beloved Tom tonight.

  2. MAJOR BFF !!!! You know what I like.....