Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This Quilter is Smiling

Whew.  We just got an order that set a personal best for our business.  A distributor just ordered 252 clock kits.  Now, to order acrylic, clock parts, hands, batteries, batting, labels, ink, directions, etc etc.  Oh, wait, this takes $$$$.  You know the saying, "It takes money to make money?"  Well, this is living proof.  I am getting way to old to be able to get away with batting my eyes, smiling, and pleading so folks will be sympathetic, not charge me until I get paid--not to mention, even if I looked like Catherine Zeta Jones, ordering over the computer would make all of that pretty useless....wellll, then there is always the little camera on the computer and the micophone, and......oops, I slipped into my day-dream mode.  Slap, slap, wake up, Dianne. Screeeeeech.  That is I, coming to a complete halt.  Stop the negative thinking.  Regroup.  Think positively.  THIS IS GONNA HAPPEN.  Oh, did I mention that it needs to be sent before we leave for our next show this weekend?!?!?!  oi oi oi.

Anyone got a piece of paper?  I need to make a list.........

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