Friday, August 24, 2012

Quilters on the Road, Again

First, I am thrilled to say that Brandy and I actually got that order out the door in time.  Then, we set another record--we were actually packed and ready to hit the road the next day (Sunday) for Grand Rapids.  Heck, I even had Tom fill the tank and have the tires checked for air.  I could see a miracle in the making....we were going to get a decent night's sleep and get an early start for our 20 hour drive.  Ha ha ha ha.  Reality invited her unwelcome self to the party.  We walked out the door to the flattest tire I have ever seen.  Tom thought he would just pump up the tire so we could head into town to have the tire fixed.  Nope.  The seal was broken so the air would not stay in.

Tom decided it was time to sign up with AAA (finally).  He paid the fees and then called to have them come help.  Welllll, the first call for help cannot be answered for 24 hours. a local repair service.  They won't come until you can promise you have all the equipment for getting the tire off, like the locking nut key.  Duh, if we had that we probably would not need thm in the first place.  Regroup, again.  Get out the instruction booklet and  read it.  Locking key, found, appropriate jack, found....we don 't need those guys!  An hour later, that tire is still on that truck.  It is so rusted on that it will not budge.  Wait.  Now that the pressure is off, will it hold air?  You betcha.  Finally, 1:30 in the afternoon, we are on our way.

The next day we arrive in Grand Rapids.  We called ahead to our roommate who had arrived at the hotel that morning to let her know we were just minutes away.  It was now nearly midnight Monday. We arrive at the hotel to find she had forgotten to add our name to the register.  We called her cell...we called the room....we banged on the door.  She did not respond.  Poor Hannah.  She was so tired she had fallen asleep.  Brandy and I refused to rent another room so we went back outside and moved stuff around, trying to remain as inconspicuous as possible, so we could sleep in the truck.  uh oh, a police car....checking for vagrants.     Um, I believe sleeping in the car in a hotel parking lot pretty much puts us into that category. I told Brandy, "Duck! ". Then for some reason, our alarm goes off, the lights start flashing, do you turn this #%^*%# thing off??.  .  That policeman must be deaf and blind.  Thank goodness.  We finally curl up and pass out, ourselves.  Around 3 in the morning, Hannah calls..  "Where are you guys?"

My definition of " miracle" is getting broader and broader these days--- for instance, it now includes arriving in one piece, on the correct day, and, with a bed waiting for me, and, most importantly, for deaf and blind policemen......

Once, again, I feel the need to thank all of you who continue to check in on me.  You help make my day!  BFF, indeed.


  1. Screw the quilts - you need to write an adventure novel - it has to be listed as fiction because no one in their right mind would believe that your hi-jinks are true life LOL

    Stay safe, you crazy nut.


  2. I love that!!! Talk about a BFF, Honey, you set the bar.