Monday, August 6, 2012

Woe is This Quilter

I am going to stop requesting "uneventful" because it seems that is a futile request. We got as far as Winslow, Arizona, the first night of our return trip. My wonderful husband had surprised us with hotel reservations at the most awesome hotel, La Posada. It is a famous hotel, built in the early 1900's. We had stuffed squash blossoms for dinner at the in house restaurant. Yummy. My only complaint? My roommate had boobs, and wears mascara...definitely not Tom.

The next morning we headed out getting only 47 miles down the interstate when we came to a complete stop. Four and a half miles ahead, an eighteen-wheeler was on fire. Eventually, traffic was backed up more than fifty miles behind us; finally, we get to my brother's house, but not before we had to drive 60 miles out of our way because we missed one of our exits, grrr.

The following day was Don's birthday with dinner and cake at one of his friend's home. Dare I mention that this friend's home was built in the 1800's and was an authentic adobe? My brother and his wife do not have ordinary, or boring, friends.

Next, we went hunting for wild mushrooms. On the way we stopped off at another friend's. This was a 750 acre ranch with polo ponies. Don shares a garden with them so we picked fresh veggies. Of course this "boring" pair of ranch owners were off on an African safari for the month. Sigh.

Continuing. After driving for about an hour, we ended up at the top of a mountain, nearly 11,000 feet above sea level. The view was a gift from God. The weather threatened us but, we were troopers, we foragers of the even hailed. Not all gifts are appreciated. We continued to pick nature's bounty. That evening? You betcha, mushrooms and steak!

The day after that, we drove to Albuquerque to see an incredible exhibit at a local museum, then we went to a cowboy and Indian antique show where even the most resistant shoppers are tempted. The jewelry, the rugs, the...everything. What a time to have a $2000 car repair bill hanging in the lurch. I managed to contain myself except for one little (Awesome!) ring. Oh-h-h, the vendors I could have made happy given free reins and a fatter wallet. Next year??? Later that evening, back in Santa Fe, we had dinner and birthday cake at yet another friend' s home. No, this was no ordinary place, either, with no less extrodinary folks in attendance. One woman was the former producer of the Regis and Kathy Lee Show. Another person made millions selling temporary tattoos. Believe me, I was the most boring person there, and, while I am not particularly "all that," I am not usually at the total bottom of that category, either.

Brandy and I packed the car and left the next day....that would be, yesterday. We barely got out of Santa Fe when the car started making the same scary sounds that made us take it to the repair shop in the first place. We reluctantly turned the car back around and headed back to Don's. I have been vacillating between crying and cursing to the point my eyes are nearly swollen shut this morning. Not only am I soooo ready to be home and in the arms of my precious Tom, but I am freaking out at what is really wrong with the car and what it is going to cost!!! I will do my best to keep you updated but that can only happen if I am not in shock....

Hello from Wherever
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  1. well, that's just lousy about the car, sweetie. Sending you BIG hugs with lots of love.

  2. Thank you my sweet BFF. I am soooo depressed.