Friday, August 10, 2012

A Quilter's Continuing Saga....

We are still on the road.....things appeared to be going smoothly.  Reality check.  This is Dianne's life we are talking about. (I am now adding to this Thread one day after starting that last sentence. The reason why??? read on.....)

Like "going smoothly" was going to last.  Around two o'clock yesterday, things dramatically changed from smooth to disastrous. We were half way through day two of our trip.  We should have been able to get all the way home on that day.  We needed gas.  That happens a LOT when pulling a trailer.  Just before pulling off the interstate, we heard, and felt, a large "thunk." 

I said, "Brandy, what was that?"

She said, "I think we hit a rock."

"That was no rock."

Immediately, we pulled off the road.  As we were pulling onto a safe area, we heard another loud "thunk."  Gulp.

When we got out of the car we checked on the vehicle we were pulling.  It had fallen most of the way off of the trailer we had rented to pull it.  A pin that holds the trailer parts together had fallen out and the trailer had broken in two.  Amazing. 

It took seven hours for U-Haul to get someone out to the car, lift the car off the first trailer, and then hook a new one up to our vehicle so we could be on our way.  Of course, this involved yet one more night on the road, this time at U-Haul's expense.  Another great hotel wasted on the wrong bed mate.  Sigh.  I mean, Brandy is sweet, but, she is definitely not Tom.

So, now, in addition to the mechanical work, we now need about $5000 worth of body work on the car.   Anyone know of a good lawyer?

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