Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Neglectful Quilter

O.K., I have been neglecting this blog. Dang, it is just that the rest of my life keeps getting in the way. We survived the Long Beach show, what we did not do was use our tickets to the Price is Right. The message from TPIR said there were two tapings, one at 8:30 a.m. and another at 12:30. Well, it turns out that you gather at the studio at 8:30 but that is only to start getting the audience checked in. The actual taping does not start until four hours later and can take as much as four hours to complete the one hour show. This just simply did not fit into my schedule. What did fit into that schedule was a trip to the Alexander Henry warehouse/studio which just happens to be a mile from my cousin's house. ILOVEITHERE!!! I never tire of that place. I always spend more than my budget.....and my point???

How about a few more images of my brother, Don's, amazing home? We will get there sometime this afternoon. Doesn't everyone have braids of fresh garlic and leeks hanging from the ceiling of their garden shed? And an orchard out back? And, a barbecue pit for roasting whole pigs? Don't I just love it there? You had better believe it.

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