Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Totally Frustrated Quilter

First, the most obvious reason I am frustrated---I am NOT quilting.  However, I am even more frustrated about the situation with my house.  A little background.  I have two walls in my living room that are covered in gold leaf.  I did this several years ago when gold leaf was waaaaay less $$.  Still, costly, but, do-able, especially when I am the do-er.  Well, when the water invaded our house back in June and the floors were damaged, the wood flooring had to be removed.  The guys who were doing the removal of the existing floors, banged up the gold leaf walls.  Now, I was in the middle of creating my book, making my quilts, rugs, lamps, going to shows, etc, and trying to select flooring, paint, etc, and then deal with my sister's death, yada yada yada, not to mention dealing with the insurance company.  Finally, I am home more than a couple of days.  I called the flooring folks who sent they guys out in the first place.  They are now refusing to accept the fact that their guys did the "deed," saying that I waited too long to tell them about the damage.  Heck, the insurance company gives me two years to make additional claims.  Besides, the guy in charge of the removal fired the workers because of what they were doing.  The flooring folks say this is "heresay."  They have "no idea who did the damage, when it was done, etc."  I am considering a Hit man.....woman, whatever....a Voodoo doll should do.

Once upon a time, several years ago, when I was having huge issues with my daughter-in-law-from-Hell, (can you believe the irony--her name is Angela)  I happened to be visiting in Mexico.  There was a Witch Doctor who would go around the house each night shaking a snake to ward off evil spirits.  I asked if he did Voodoo.  The folks there eyed me suspiciously and said, "Um, he is a good Witch Doctor."  My answer,  "This would be a Good Thing!"  So, now, I repeat, where is a Good Witch Doctor when I need one?

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