Sunday, February 5, 2012

Quilter's Contest

Imagine there is a county that is voted "Dry," but still manages to issue five liquor licenses.  How to parcel these precious babies out?  Who are the "lucky" ones who win them? 

The first one goes to a Golf Club.  I mean, those guys certainly keep better scores with a little alcohol in their bags, right?

The second license, awarded to a bar that no one can seem to find, anywhere.

Miraculously, the third one actually ended up in a local restaurant, (the only half way decent restaurant in town) --hey, the ones who issued these licenses had to have somewhere to go to discuss the laws of the land. One simply cannot do this job completely sober.

Oh, wait.  There are two more. Both of these were purchased by the local churches so no one else could have them.

The next question....who can guess in which state this county is located?   A free pattern goes to the first correct answer!  


  1. Replies
    1. But I could think of other possible answers...

  2. Love the guesses. Here is a hint, "county" ok, so it is not a big hint since it only eliminates Lousiana, heh heh....