Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Squeezing in Some Quilting

Yes'm.  I am actually squeezing in some actual sewing.  These are some of the blocks that I have finished.  Of course, this is not on that infamous List.  Why would I put it there?  It would never get done....

I have changed the design at least three times so far.  Who knows what it will end up like.  Certainly not I.  My daughter thinks I should be recording what I am doing so I can write the directions.  HA.  So far, every single block is different and I have completed 18 at this point. That would be the directions from Hell, at least for me to write.  So, no, this will not go into my repertoire of quilt patterns.  Come see me, come see the quilt.  Call when you are in town!

Oops. Gotta get the blood circulating in my butt and get 'er done before dark.....

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