Friday, February 10, 2012

Quilter Knows a Celebrity

Bill Joyce, the guy behind "Toy Story" and several other movies/books, is from Shreveport.  And, I know him!!  How cool is that?  I just found out that he has been nominated for an Academy Award!!  Really.  He used to be the neighbor of my husband's business partner.  So, the truth comes out. He is really my husband's friend.  The weird thing is that I met him at an Art conference many years ago.  I just was blown away by this guy.  Get this-- Bill and his family and friends would dress in all white and then go outside to play croquet in the middle of the night.  They would light the lawn with the headlights of cars in the neighborhood.  How fun is that!  Where were these guys when I was growing up?  Oh wait, they weren't born, yet.

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