Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Relieved Quilter

Whew, I do not have to retract my Green-Eyed Monster Alert.  The first item on Jan's and my Valentine's Day agenda was food.  We had an expired Groupon coupon at Zocolo's in Shreveport.  Did that stop us?  Nope.  We headed straight to the restaurant.  To our delight, and to the manager's credit, we were given the entire value of the coupon.  Yippee.  Lunch was yummie and cost us $1.64 plus tip.  Jealous yet?   Next, we headed straight to the "Creme de la Creme" Spa to spend our second Groupon dealie.  As soon as we got through the front door, it was good.  I mean, right there in front of us was a rack of clothes on sale for $5.00--with tax! I walked right past that...NOT!!!!!  Bought two cute little tops.  Next, I was handed a pink robe with leopard trim.  Lookin' gooood.  Oh, the massage--it was wonderful.  It was actually a de-tox massage.  I was not aware that I was "toxed," but that matters not...I am now officially de-toxed and even took a nap in the process.  So, there is rest for the weary.  After I got home, my husband took me out to a lovely dinner, with gifts, no less.  And then, um, well, let's just say, it was a grr-r-r-reat day to the end--with or without Groupons. 

I hope all of you had a nice enough day to keep the Monsters at bay.  Happy Valentine's to all of you lovely folks out there!

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