Thursday, February 9, 2012

How Quickly I Forget

Hrmph.  I almost forgot how much work it is to prepare for the next show.  So much for that momentary surge towards quilting. I have actually worn a blister on my hand from cutting out fabric.  I decided a while back that I would never cut fat quarters...definitely not worth the effort.  Silly me.  Wouldn't one think that by this ripe old age I would have hit the delete button on words like "never?"  So much for never, for definitely.....I have been cutting fat quarters alllll day long.  Now to fold, and label, and pack them.  We will see what happens with those.

The trouble is that I am getting dangerously close to running out of my fabric line.  Soon there will be nada mas, none, kaput.  How much do I cling to?   I have been asking myself is cutting off and keeping the selvedges enough to satisfy my ego?  sheesh.  My ego is WA-A-A-y more needy than that.  I want yardage!

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