Monday, February 21, 2011

Too Bad I was NOT Quilting

Oh my goodness. I am so sore. I have cuts and scratches all over my body. We, meaning my daughter, son, daughter-in-law, husband, and I, spent the entire weekend working in our daughter's yard. We made four huge, and I mean HUGE, piles of debris from all of the limbs, trees, and vines that we cut. My husband's last words as he left to go back to Arkansas?, "Honey, don't burn those piles until I get back." Now, don't you think after a zillion years of being married to me that he would be just a teensy weensy bit wiser and know me LOTS better than that? Today, my daughter and I spent all morning burning that stuff, and, no, he is not back. I don't understand what he is so worried about. Could it be that he remembers the last time Brandy and I burned a pile of cuttings? He drove up to the house after running some errands to find the Fire Department in full working mode in our front yard. Hmmm.

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