Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Quilt - I Sea Stars

Finally, here is the new quilt that I made using nearly all of my fabrics. (very professional photography.....not) This baby is being shipped to Timeless Treasures in New York where it will be photographed professionally. The quilt pattern will be given away free for one year. That is a very nice perk for simply logging in to the Timeless Treasures website, don'tchathink??? I would love to hear some feedback.

Now, unfortunately, I am heading back to my daughter's house for more back-breaking stuff. We have to pack for a move, groan. Later, my BFFs.


  1. Make sure you take ibuprofen or whatever during the day to forestall any kinks and muscle quirts - and a refreshing adult beverage at night is good for the tired soul too - TAKE CARE of YOU - although I did laugh at you and daughter burning the pile. Good work ! Pile gone.

    Love the quilt- especially the simplicity of just the stars with no other filler type square ( like 4 patches or little stars or bars or whatever) - wild about the fabric ! You are one talented lady. Also like the piping inside the stop border - very very nice.

    hugs for the stress of the move and all that precipitated it. Hope your daughter knows how lucky she is to have you guys for parents.

  2. You know, the stupid thing was we drove back to Ruston to play Pokino and then got home around 10:00 only to stay up until 5:30 in the a.m., sewing. Even dumber than burning brush!!! Now, I am falling asleep while sewing, but, I am still sewing, by gosh. Thanks for the sweeeet words and the great suggestions. I am adding them to my "To Do" list....oops, perhaps I should think about that a bit more....

  3. I love this quilt. The fabrics scream "FUN FUN FUN" !!! Take care of your body, now! We need you designing and making more yummo quilts.

  4. LOVE IT!!! Can't wait to see your fabrics in person. Sure hope you have them in Dallas!!