Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Quilting in Montana

I thought I lived in the South. I am beginning to think that I live somewhere in Montana. Oh wait, I see where the temperature in Montana is -33 degrees!!??!! Never mind, I will stop complaining about the "bitter" cold. It is supposed to be snowing and sleeting today with a high of +33. If I can do my math correctly, that looks like a 66 degree difference. I am definitely going to stop whining and complaining. In fact, I just thought of a reason to rejoice even more. My husband's school is closing in a few minutes so he is coming home for an extended weekend. This weather is looking better and better, heh heh.

You guys stay warm and cozy. By the way, did you know that during WWII, it was discovered that the fastest way to "thaw out" a nearly frozen body was to place two naked bodies together? Hmmm. I really am cold.......


  1. Hee hee!! Have fun thawing!! I am in Panama City taking classes from Judy Niemeyer (who is from Montana) and we sure aren't showing her good ol' Florida weather!! Dang it's cold!!!!!

  2. Hi Gale. I am all warm and toasty, completely thawed, heh heh. Thanks for the good thoughts. As for Judy, she probably thinks the Florida weather is great since she has "real" Montana weather to compare to. I could do with a bit of Florida weather, but, like you, I want to actually be in Florida to enjoy it. I spent a lot of my childhood in Florida. My heart still thinks of that as "home."