Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fabrics, Carvings, Sinks, etc

Finally, my shipment from Bali has been released from being held Hostage. At least, that is what this whole process feels like. It gets more and more involved to have things shipped from Bali. Also, more expensive. Last time I shipped from Bali, I shipped four times more stuff and it cost me 1/3 of what this latest shipment cost. Also, it takes longer to get to Shreveport from California (the shipment went through ATLANTA ??) than it did to go by boat from Indonesia to the US. There are several processes that the packages have to go through. That is "code" for $$$$. There are customs charges, fees for fumigating, fees for x-rays, then, of course, there is always something "suspicious" that requires an extra check, a.k.a., $$$$, then warehouse fees, etc, etc, etc. Why don't they just be up front, let me know what the blackmail (oops, I mean, total shipping charge) amount is, and get it over with?
Whine whine whine. The bottom line --would I do it, again? Without hesitation! Just stop the whining and go get the boxes. Christmas in February....

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