Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Quilter Wannabe Returns for???

Finally home and I definitely wannabe quilting. Who would choose chopping/burning brush, scrubbing and packing over quilting????, double DUH. I am finally going to include some photos of the house we built for our son and daughter. I do not know how much you can tell from these but, whatever. I will try to remember to take a few more in the next few days. One image is of the living room with the fireplace that we tiled. It was the first time we went vertical with tile and it was a challenge. I made the drapes, painted the picture, and we put down all of the wood flooring...and another image is of the 5' x 4' window that I sandblasted for the master bath. The coolest thing is when the sun is shining, it casts the flower image on the bathroom that.