Wednesday, September 2, 2009

(4 miles)

Well, the craziness of dealing with my mother is demonstrated with her latest idea. If you read my previous Thread from Aug. 25, you saw where my mother was planning to come for a visit. Take this scenario: It takes about five hours to drive from her house to her beach house in south Alabama. She called the other day saying she wanted to come for a visit. It takes about 8 hours to drive to our house from hers. Her plan: drive to our house, then leave the next day for the beach house. By the way, it takes 9 hours to drive to the beach from here. Have you noticed anything wrong here? Drive 8 hours, then 9 hours to get to the same place she could get in FIVE? No amount of reasoning could convince her what a crazy idea she had. Finally, when we got through to her that our air conditioning was broken and we had no idea when it was going to be repaired did she decide to meet us at the beach house. (We actually stretched the truth about the air conditioner not being repaired just so she would NOT do this insane driving.)

It actually turned out beautifully. Tom and I drove down Wednesday, met my sister for a wonderful dinner in Ocean Springs, and then rove on to the beach. Mother was already there, sleeping peacefully. My sister joined us for the weekend and a lovely time was had by all. The only bad part is the heavy suntan. I mean, every time I go to the beach and get a tan, I find I have gained at least two pounds. Isn't the only reasonable explanation that tans are heavy?

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